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harassment in the night

heh hehe, yeah , i know, nooot what you expected from that title, was it?


also for all of you confused with the adult filter, i just put it by default, because the tyle gives a very cheerful mood, so people who dont know what the tory is about your enter my gallery to see what else i got and...BAM! XD
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Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Thank  You
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Now things are getting exceptionally more interesting. 
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gold comedy right here!
Vasilivros's avatar
YUP! That's my avatar.
(tho the game's crap)
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Blasphemy! Burn the heretic! (jk) ;P
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That's hilarious. Also, just watched 'All that heaven knows' a '50's love story starring Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman, in which Rock places a poor young submissive man trying to get Jane to rule his world, while all her elitist friends try to dom them both. Throw in one attempted date rape by a married man, and the references to Oedipus and you got the sanitized version of a bdsm script. It'd be great to see you place your characters in that setting and see how they tear through the veneer.
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and the improvement is just gorgeous.
read this story over 6 times and still lovin it
When i do that, it is usually because my sleep schedule has shifted and i forget that other people arent like me. 
I have finally gotten to the point where I will write a note in my phone that is verbatim what i want to say and then wait a few hours to copy and paste it into a text
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i actually i'm not interested in BDSM (i don't want it for myself), but I like stories about it for some reason. I'm really into stories that have more emotional depth, sex is so boring to me if the characters either don't love each other or don't develop love for each other in the future >_>

there's just this aspect of BDSM that really requires trust, which draws me to stories about it, it can be very cute ^^
IamNot18yearsOfAge's avatar
came (heh) for the sex, stayed for the story
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Motor mouth alert, wait a minute, THIS IS ME IN A NUTSHELL, why am I so thick headed to NOT figure it out
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Oh my god it's me. This is ME.
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This is all so sexy and alluring....
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I bet it's tough having a g-friend like that.
Mecanicalpencils's avatar
Oh Alan..this is why we love you
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Im actually so not ashamed to say I pulled that off when my friends called me at 1 am In the morning to tell she got engaged I mean holy crap but still 1 am  I just hung up on her :P
EsLightning's avatar
Ive been called at 2am before, and I am proud to say. I did not hang up and woke up for them.

(Another time, I curse them out.)
SillyWriterGall's avatar
Yep but  paid for it 5 minutes later, the little shit had climbed in through my window and was waking me up while nearly jumping me ^_^ * ahhh how I do love her*
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Friendship is such a beautiful(painful) thing.
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