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guess who's back...

aand back in action
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DragonmanX-90's avatar
See Tom the smart thing would've been just to keep quiet, pull up a chair, and watch and see what happens.  Shame on you sir, SHAME!!
NoriMori's avatar
Haha, his face is great!
jelliejemart's avatar
I'm recently rereading and is Anne not bi...?
shiniez's avatar
this was one of the several situations where i put the tails on the balloons pointing to wrong sides

this is one of the more ironic ones i ever did. somewhere on the level when i drew a ballet dancer with 2 left feet. yes, this also happened 

updated it now, also, i intended to fix this ages ago when i noticed it during preparations for print where it has been fixed ages ago XD

057 by shiniez  
jelliejemart's avatar
Thanks for clarifying! It goes to show I need to buy the books for myself for once :P I bought one, but for my sister for her bday. :)
On an unrelated note: if someone snores, then stops for a while (anywhere between 30 seconds and a few minutes…), and then rips a loud snore after (just like Ally here), they might have sleep apnea. (There's other symptoms, so don't freak out if you have heard your partner do it once. But you might want to give it a thought.)
shiniez's avatar
that is exactly what she has and i have plans to address it in a future storyarc... there are sleeping mask related jokes planned.
Hm, I guess there is a certain similarity……
If you know what I mean. ☺
indv11's avatar
Hey Cassie I'm...


I don't know what's going on here but I want to be apart of it.
MissKlefki's avatar
... Tom is best girl five ever. * ohmygodwhatthefucknostopshutupdumbdumb *
rosepiramid's avatar
Tom's (I hope his name is Tom beccause if I'm forgetting this already I'm going to shoot myself Tomismybrother'snamesoyeah) has the most adorable fucking smile in that last shot. Nice try Tom, I woulda gone there too. So fasst. ;3;
MrSirk's avatar
Hey, he's a guy. He was literally contractually obligated to try.
DragonflyArts's avatar
this comic is awesome, I gotta say :D

And I absolutely adore Tom (probably the metal thing ;) )
Amenarae's avatar
Tom at the end there is so precious~! XD
Keep trying, Tom, I'm sure you'll get your wish, someday~
Blade-Redwind's avatar
OMG! xD I love that moment of thought he had in the panel before the go ahead. Like, "Should this bother me... let me think.... nope, no pangs of jealousy! Good to go!"
Darklarik's avatar
Is it at all possile Tom and Cassie are based of you and Linda? Cant help but see a few facial similarities in you and Tom. 
SaikounoKenbuhime's avatar
Anne: Sorry metalboy I don't swing that way.

unsungno1's avatar
"Her mere presence was enough."
My favourite line from this page.
fanservice101's avatar
I liked "flattery lumber mill" xD
alibata56's avatar
"go on, kiss" hahaha 
Myrethy's avatar
Tom is frigging adorable, ohmygod.
NOW KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
ItDoola's avatar
I love how he's just totally cool with that.
KouNaraishi's avatar
Judging from your "other artwork" I'm beginning to suspect "metal boy" is based on you. :P
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