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fine print, work in progress

By shiniez
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a cupid's arrow to a succubus is the most poerful high. literally functions as drugs in their world

same can be said for a sting of the tail of a succubus or an incubus. potent energy of desire is incredibly addictive to a cupid

naturally the practice is extremely illegal as gods of desire and gods of love have been forbidden from mingling

and just as naturally, there is an  illegal underworld where they do their stuff in private away from prying eyes.
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I look forward to finding out.

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Cupids don't have a High Caller?

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nope. they organize their ranks differently. they are pretty static, not a lot of promotion opportunities XD

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Dead man's feathery wings?

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That's so fascinating because for most people, desire and love are key components to a relationship. Having them be forbidden to mingle in their god forms feels counter intuitive to the mortals reality.

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But it kind of makes totally sense, since suddenly, there is a "place" for asexual but romantic and aromantic yet sexual aswell as for asex and aro at once people, too. They just seem to get attention only by a cupdid/only a succubus or from neither of them. Unspoken representation of some sort. :D

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What can I say... you're the master of lipbiting. (and other stuff but... the lipbiting!.... <3

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So the arrows are bit like an illegal narcotics to them?

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yup, for the succubus at least. for the cupid it's the stinger in the succubus' tail that works the same way

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i really love these two. If you ever make a spin off with them, i'll gladly drool over every page

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This is such an imaginative world I love this concept ^^

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No matter what they say, they can't get enough of each other !

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Time to get high.

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From the pictures i had the impression that also their essences seem to mingle, each taking on certain aspects of the other?

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and that effect is called the crowning. :)

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Ok, is this going to be some book, recopilation or something?

I am really enjoying this two.

Throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening. xD

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wrong screen, it's on patreon :P

it's one of the 4 series i'm doing. sunstone, death vigil, fine print and the queen and the woodborn

you can also see a bunch of preview materials including about 20 or so pages in this gallery folder

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My broken perv brain auto-corrected that last sentence to "...stuff things in their private parts"

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i mean...


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Another excellent image

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