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fine print wip thadeus and vain

just two dudes being gods
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Yeah, basically when people ask me 'So when are you going to marry and have a family?' or 'Tick tock, time is ticking. Don't you want to have children?' XD

When things just have to be more awkward.

Silcron's avatar

This is so funny.

Sanae94's avatar

I've only seen Thadeus laughing and messing with Vain in this piece and I already want to protect them with my life, they are so fucking cute *.*

YallOutfoxed's avatar

so when he says "it's our kind now" what is that in reference to?

shiniez's avatar

vain was a cupid once. he changed his allegiance for thadeus

YallOutfoxed's avatar

fascinating! thank you!

SecretBlack6's avatar

a butterfly succubus ?! :love: where have you been all my life ?

Ryua's avatar

I ADORE how much your characters just happily exist as whatever the hell they feel like at that point in time.

exilekotor's avatar

That's a conundrum that's never entered my brain before. Cool! I like that even though both characters seem to have every option and permutation available, you made it perfectly believable that they'd have personal preferences that act as barriers. I am so psyched to see these two interact.

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Thats okay, boys! Just do what gay black swans do.... knock up a willing lady (or a half dozen) and raise the baben yourselves.

Attifer's avatar

I love these hoes in love

just noticing he has horns and not a halo and all your comments that he changed for his love AH

FRivArts's avatar

Mood, my dude.

LORDTyb's avatar

So he can go full Loki and bear children even though he's a guy ? Then again he's a godlike being thingy so he can do whatever he wants

shiniez's avatar

they are literally gods. gods of desire, descendants of greek primordial deity, eros

Fucking gay bro. . . . So is there more , or....?

shiniez's avatar

plenty more XD

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Dude, they're from ancient Greece, ofcourse they're fucking gay. everyone was.

I was being facetious you cock lord of course they are gay, that's why I asked for more! LMFAO

LORDTyb's avatar

So they can look like however they want, that's neat

shiniez's avatar

and useful for their line of work

LORDTyb's avatar

That's an understatement I'd say

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