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fine print- turns out she really is a goddess

book 1 will wrap up with a bang!

um... as in it's gonna be a visual spectacle... but also yes XD

anyhow, these are some work in progress shots 
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I remember reading through panels where Merryl encounters another human - I believe the character name was Rachel - in what looks like a bookstore of some sort. Somehow this particular human can see she's not exactly human despite whatever persuades practically everyone else seen in the same panels of prologue that Merryl is human in appearance like anyone else there.

So far unlike other characters who are not human in this series - Merryl has not demonstrated any abilities like being able to switch her outward appearances. Still if she had any abilities or traits similar to the ones seen so far by other characters like the ones who are frequently in the theme of red or white then perhaps she would also have something that emerges more prominently during certain activities.

However for some it appears that the act of appearance alteration is one that's painful especially if they are new to the experience - meaning that they have not been through it much if at all.

Based on some color cues - it seems that Merryl and Papillion - have some similarities - though they are not the same individual.

Anyway still very intriguing - always enjoy your art and stories.

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That's literally the prologue, which you can read in it's entirety here:

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Thank you - look forward to reading more of this.

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Thank you - look forward to reading more of this.

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i love the butterfly wing scale effect!

where is fine print gonna be sold

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usual places. comic stores that decide to stock it, amazon , barnes and noble, book depository and so on

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Sleeping with a God, her list of sexual conquests just keeps on building!

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Ooohh, oh wow....

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hot damn I love your art style

That is a LOT of tentacles. Is there an upper limit?

And it took me a few looks notice her using the free hand for horn-gripping. :)

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Awww the succubus has such a pretty design!

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Things are comming together nicely, i see :D

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Would not be surprised if these two ended up together

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they don't. merryl has zero interest in that and lauren moves onto her actual contract

Oh, Please... Considering the dis-functional parents she has to deal with, Merryl should have at least one friend/confidant/companion/ dare I -ing say it : L-O-V--E-R to lean on when it all goes pear-shaped.

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merryl actually has a bunch of friends she keeps a secret from her kind XD but we'll get to that

she actually works better with humans than gods

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In her succubus form it Merry almost unrecognisable. And her look is actually more like a butterfly than a classic demon.... I like it! Heart Burn

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i'm doing a very different take on succubi and incubi in this book. they are gods of desire, and alongside with cupids, gods of love are direct descendants of primordial greek god eros who was a god of both

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She is not a demon! She is goddess! :la:

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