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fine print - they're doing just fine

By shiniez
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brainstorming and designing phase of any project is so frigin fun. fine print: lauren and mathew doing just fine
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I just wanted to say I love the design of the Fine Print logo! It's beautifully done!

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist

Excellent image as always

SuccubusLust's avatar
SuccubusLustHobbyist Photographer

God, you should do tutorials on how one can make such fine poses look stunning with minimal detail

RoyceGrey's avatar
Nice designs.
usoutlaw's avatar
so does she draw men in like moths to a flame?
LouisPointe's avatar
LouisPointeHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work, the coloring is very good. The details are very accomplished
Daniloolinad's avatar
DaniloolinadHobbyist General Artist
Ooh, i like the style! Her colors are gorgeous
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hearts-and--bonesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yesssssss I remember Mathew from one of the earlier pics you had posted. I'm really excited to see what kind of role he is going to play in all this! 
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jactinglimProfessional General Artist
ugh I wish you could design for a Victoria Secret fashion show
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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
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AdrianVonNightshadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
love the colors
lord-scavenger's avatar
lord-scavengerHobbyist Digital Artist
matty does NOT look happy about this XD
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Ralunix's avatar
RalunixHobbyist Digital Artist
Looking at the angel I turn into a sinner. 
Elsasgirlfriend's avatar
ElsasgirlfriendHobbyist Writer
Wait, does this mean that in the Fine Print universe that Humans can become Succubi or Cupi?
Heretic1311's avatar
I would imagine a kind of "if you act on your inner demon/angel long enough you become one" scenario.
Alternatively a "sell your soul to a demon/angel and become one", but that seems rather cheap.
Elsasgirlfriend's avatar
ElsasgirlfriendHobbyist Writer
It could be a combination of both.  We'll just have to wait and see.
Heretic1311's avatar
I´m definitely excited for this story :XD:
Elsasgirlfriend's avatar
ElsasgirlfriendHobbyist Writer
Oh, so am I! Definitely looking forward to this one!
shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
the lore is for me to know and you to learn ;)
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we have comfy chairs and soft cushions.

Elsasgirlfriend's avatar
ElsasgirlfriendHobbyist Writer
Awe...  But I love spoilers!
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Telian24Hobbyist Writer
Probably they're just cosplaying!
Elsasgirlfriend's avatar
ElsasgirlfriendHobbyist Writer
Oh, absolutely!  That is exactly it!  :D
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