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fine print thaddeus and vain

By shiniez
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vain knows what he likes XD
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Well, it's hard when you've planned for one thing an then you have to re-do the whole the whole deal. I mean, what about Stage III??? Stage III was the prelude to Stage IV and V! You can't mess with that. If those two don't come off well, Stage VIII is just going to be a disaster!

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TheWatcherofWorldsStudent Digital Artist


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Be thankfully it wasn't "inside" when they changed. That could be interesting.

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Ahhhh love it! Always appreciate these little strips <3

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist

Vain play that well.

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It's always a negotiation.

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AthrubisHobbyist Digital Artist

the more I see their ability to switch at will as if its nothing, the more I love it.

drmer's avatar penis is confused. Aroused, but confused.

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

Yessss for easy acceptance of preferences.

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Would be odd if not, seeing as they seem to be "ACTUALLY" genderfluid...

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mazzzmHobbyist Digital Artist


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"I, uh... preferred you the other way."

"No worries. I'm flexible ;D"

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DeviantArtest99Hobbyist General Artist

This is gonna be a fun comic!

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IllyDragonflyHobbyist General Artist

This bi girl is SCREAMING XD Hell yeah, that's the spirit little angel! XD

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silly demon should know better :P

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VarisMetsaMetsastajaProfessional Filmographer

Stunning work as always!

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RalunixHobbyist Digital Artist

This.. Brought a huge grin on my face at work and am hapoy I wear the mask or else people would have freaked out.

I love this 2 so much I will cry.

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The reaction face XD

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EdideadpoolHobbyist Digital Artist

the man knows what he likes and won't settle for less, gotta appreciate that :D

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JoyceW-Art Digital Artist

Honestly I love the healthy bit of communication there and the lovely reaction for it.

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That brings up a question - if they can change their sex on a whim, and don't seem to have fixed gender identity, what pronouns should we use?

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist

they have a gender. they just change sex at will.

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Ok, so they do have a preference. :)

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