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fine print, shall we trade?

By shiniez
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a random page featuring merryl's first big oof of a contract
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Strangely if she was a fae I would find her more terrifying, as a Succubus I feel much less threatened by her.

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
i don't think she's going for threathening XD
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I just love this. Magic at its finest.

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....i've statufied for amost a minute there, ransacking my mind to answer that simple but so BIG question: what was her answer ?What was the price, the consequences ? sooooo much créativity in there!! thank you AGAIN, for all of your world buildings wonderfull arts !
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I, um, just wanted to do some stage magic.
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awesome art
always great expressions on your characters, as always!
great colors
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QuatreBornesHobbyist General Artist
Will Fine Print ever be released for free, or is it going to go straight from Patreon to physical book?
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the amout of detail in each "frame" always surprises me. Amazing stuff
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> Conductor of the Orcestra

I want that shirt.
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Very Bayonetta-like.
I love it!
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exilekotorStudent Writer

The butterfly wings really gives this series its own visual signature. I mean, you combined succubae and butterflies. I've never seen that before. That alone ought to draw in the curious. Then all the other world-building you did (arcubi, etc.), which any reader will be able to get from issue 1, tells us this is going to be an original, interesting story. All the stars are aligning. I have really high hopes for this series.

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Ya see, this is why fey make me so damned nervous all the time.
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There's got to be a story behind her having butterfly wings. I'd have always thought a demon would have birdlike wings, but either black, red, or a burned white due to them all being cast into hell. Butterfly wings make a person honestly curious as to what the story is behind that.
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SteveMNDHobbyist General Artist
According to his comments elsewhere: despite some outward appearance, these entities are neither angels nor demons.  I rather suspect in-universe that their appearances are the seeds that gave rise to the 'mythological' stereotype appearance of angels and demons.
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I'm looking forward to this comic series more and more! :D (Big Grin) 
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
I freaking love her wings.
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The Meaning of Liff*: 'Ely' = "That first subtle feeling that somewhere, something; is about to go horribly wrong..."

* Written by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd; a little dictionary that applied humorous definitions to British place names i.e.: "Goole = The puddle of beer into which the bar staff inevitably deposit your change."
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Something tells me this particular contract turns around and jumps out a window instead.. XDDD
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Wow. No wonder people sign...
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An here comes the apple of the Hesperides ... ;-)

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damn nice
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I am so buying this book.

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jactinglimProfessional General Artist
gorgeous character designs!
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