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fine print samples

just some sample pages from my new comic series 
Fine print (or how a divine contract may not be the best cure for a broken heart=
a tale of humans, and gods. love desire life and death and all the wrong decisions a single person can make

it's a fun little story created through my patreon and  now preorders are opening for the volume 1 of the book

still early tho so preorder sources are not that numerous


barnes and noble:…
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boom17's avatar

fuck this is some worldbuilding in, what.. 7 panels?.. damn.. :O <3 :D

Well that's a way to find a niche.

You're good at these scenes.

Daviddv1202's avatar

This is both weird, hot and hilarious. Only you can make me feel these emotions at the same time.

That is awesome

MyCatspet's avatar

Every time I see you posted more of Fine Print it gives me Butterfly's....

Though for some reason I feel this is not a good thing!

UaiZ's avatar

There's a wrong baloon color. It's red, it should be white: "Last time you complained that you felt like all I care about is the crowning and I could do it with any of your kind...".


Mauser712's avatar

Will it also go out to Comic stores?

Dragonia27's avatar

Put it on pre-order!!! I'm grateful and excited to be able to have a copy! I didn't have the ability to purchase things before and I can now. :excited:

Wishing you well. Stay safe and take care of yourself. :heart: :blackrose:

Lucoire's avatar

The Gender-Switching / Shapeshifting thing is a bit confusing... I had to read through it several times to understand what's going on.

Can't wait to hold it in my hands...

Other sidenote: I clicked on the Amazon-Link and can't seem to pre-order it (Germany, Europe)... but maybe I'm just stupid :-/

outis-9's avatar

the Link above is on, which might throw it off somehow.

try this one, hab grad meine Vorbestellung gemacht :) Oder, falls ein verständliches Misstrauen gegenüber merkwürdigen Links besteht, such nach "stjepan sejic fine print", sollte einer der ersten Treffer sein. Grüße aus Bayern.

Lucoire's avatar

Dankeschön, das hat funktioniert <3

CanRay's avatar

Poor Lauren.

jactinglim's avatar

These are conversations and scenes are phenomenal

Ralunix's avatar

I just love how feral a cupid can look.......that explains some relationships....

I would frame Thaddeus and Vain looking at eachother in my house if my parents wouldn't be homophobic.

bvanhorn's avatar

OK, my copy will be arriving sometime in November. Thanks for the preorder link.

Merkoid's avatar

the second part of the comic strip reminds of that one scene from A Goofy Movie.

NecroTechno's avatar

Hooo-boy, the substance abuse is strong with this one. XD

mrdrkj's avatar

Everything about this is awesome.

Asylumchildart's avatar

YAY!! I'm waiting for this :)

Deamorte's avatar

Im all on board for this. I love it

Pixelplaytoy's avatar

Forever out of stock for me in the UK. Making me sad. Unless you've just not made it available in the UK yet in which case I am both dumb and sad :P

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