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fine print random pages

a small sample of the book coming to comci stores end of october, and to amazon on november 2

here are some preorder links

barnes and noble
book depository
books a million
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What if people want more?

MirrorKhaos's avatar

Some awesome pages, look like another awesome graphic novel.

I was debating if I would get this when it fully came out, but that bit with the tail convinced me.

It would be great if you do the art design of the valve

"There could still be side effects".

I start to see a pattern :greetings:...

I am so looking forward to this~

A bit of a naive question. New to tentacles. What purpose do they serve exactly? Seems like an extra appendage for arousal based on the one page. if that’s the case, only via the back end?

shiniez's avatar

they serve as additional extremely flexible limbs and effective tools for sexual arousal as they do channel energies of desire and can even create a stinger type ending that can inject pure uncut energy of desire into someone for extreme effects depending on the person receiving the sting.

Got it. Thanks for the reply!

Kalimer0's avatar

Oooh! Her feather-bra-shoulder-wings (I donno) floof to the side peekaboo-style to reveal the nips.

Had not noticed that before. That's a neat effect!

It brings some nice associations with it, I feel. Opening up to each other. That sort of thing. oddly practical and probably has a really good wow-factor when you see it happen. :D

Kalimer0's avatar

Peekafloof! It's a peekafloof-bra!

Nobody steal that! It's gonna make me rich one day.

Little fuzzy on the details of that plan, but I'll make it work...

WDCat's avatar

Dying at the inadvertent hand job! XD

That skit with Merryl going into brain-melt is BRILLIANT!

Lauren performs oo-mox on a succubus without knowing it...

Thank you for your art. I love it.

MinionofSolitude's avatar

Please, just be safe, for yourself, and your loved ones. The both of you are needed to help heal a few of the ills of this world, and your art does that. `ART` is a window into the divine... yours is a Cathedral. Thank you.

CanRay's avatar

Now on my wishlist.

I've already pre ordered my copy from Amazon! :D

shonasof's avatar

This is looking amazing!

Klugdunum's avatar

The colors and the very erotic tentacles really remind me of Slaanesh in Warhammer (in a more delicate way).

Not sure if it one of your sources of inspipiration though, Mr. Shiniez

shiniez's avatar

not even a little bit XD i just wanted to do something colorful with the divine forms

Klugdunum's avatar

Oh, you nail it perfectly and because of the strangeness and the divine characteristic, it made me think of these sources of inspiration of mine.

My sources are not necesserely yours, of course, but it could have been.

Please keep going with such work, it's always a pleasure to discover your creations, Mr. Shiniez!

DarkerEve's avatar

Tails is defined her weak spot.

Angel-Natavi's avatar

I will say this. I love, love, LOVE, the succubi with the butterfly wings. Soo much more attractive and special to me, than the standard bat wings.

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