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fine print prologue preview part 2


part 1 here

fine print prologue part 1 by shiniez

part 2 of a nice lengthy preview of fine print. comic that is funded and currently published via my patreon. more there and plenty more to come :) (Smile)

fine print is published through the 5 and 6 dollar tier

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Sternguard's avatar

I hear that speech and all I think is... the hunger games the adult version.

As for Cale I think they are happy, I mean as a near immortal being how precious is a real challenge or something new to such a being. It's something few stories get right, such things are savored like the finest wine.

sampdesigns's avatar

Me, reading: Oooo I like Cale. They have a great design O:

Me, at the end of the page: CALE NOOOOOOOOOO

shiniez's avatar

he's perfectly fine

sampdesigns's avatar

Phew O: Ok good.

Will the rest of Fine Print be posted on here over time or is it exclusive to Patreon?

GhostShell5's avatar

More excellence.

Alan, is it you again? :D

FireFoxCamille's avatar
Wait is she asexual!?! :)
jack665's avatar

I Fucking Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SuccubusLust's avatar

-takes a large breath in- I love how you do horns to much that I’m dying for you to teach me how the damn hell you do them

well Drat....based off of the Prologues, I may have to sign up.. :)

webkilla's avatar

so its all about trying to seduce her. haaha nice

DEJones1964's avatar

That's how it appears on the surface, however I think it'll turn out to be more about helping her find her passion and him to grow as a person/being. With plenty of sexy times along the way, of course. :D

sinfulman666's avatar

This is precious. I am happy :D :D:D:D

Gorel29's avatar

All I ask is a moment where Rachel and Cale are both on the couch commenting on television shows and I'd be happy.

shiniez's avatar

moment? there'll be entire chapters of that good shit XD

Gorel29's avatar

Well then... Shut up and take my money!

Euel's avatar

"Morningstar"? And you tell me he's not a demon? You had my interest, now you have my full attention! :D

blackrain8's avatar

The panel of the book store from outside was fucking brilliant.

As is the "not a demon, but handed me an apple" line hahaha

this need to be printed :)

asmirnov's avatar

This is probably a Chengeling: the Dreaming story I always needed but never deserved

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