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fine print prologue part 1

By shiniez
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a nice lengthy preview of fine print. comic that is funded and currently published via my patreon. more there and plenty more to come :)

fine print is published through the 5 and 6 dollar tier

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© 2020 shiniez
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Fantastic! You are an amazing creator shiniez

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sampdesignsProfessional Digital Artist

I've been preoccupied and didn't realize this had begun! Yaaay!

JavierBA's avatar

I can only say that it looks very, very promising (like much of your work)

iI hope to see more of it, thanks by sharing it and safe COVID

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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist

I am liking this a lot. Great idea. :)

towerpower1's avatar

They say that soulmates can see you for who you really are

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GinasDreamHobbyist Digital Artist

I love this! Your style is soo vivid and that last panel got me so hard that I can't wait for the next page!

sybaritic-hobo's avatar

"Uh, no, Unfortunately. As far as I know the author is working on the sequels, but you'll have to wait."

It's like this comic is trying to communicate with me on a deep and personal level. Hehehe.

GhostShell5's avatar

Excellent start. Must have more.

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TaeryneProfessional Traditional Artist

Please just take more of my money... thank you.

bookworm0492's avatar

Thanks for the new upcoming obsessionlol

missing3's avatar

love how she wears her glasses over her horns

teatons's avatar

Damn it Shiniez! Not cool! I only get 1 copy of this magical series as opposed to the whole thing? I mean... how am I supposed to buy a copy with covid-19 closing my bookstores.

Rob-Lucci's avatar

Really like how it start, loved Death vigil and Sunstone so...Can't wait for hard cover version..

No offence, I hate to be that guy but Meryl misses her collar in the "Certainly beats calling me a demon" picture... And I don't know if it's the color or what but I always think that she's wearing slippers and not high heels... ;P

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SilcronHobbyist Writer

Sooooo nice :) glad to see more of your work again

TheToahk's avatar

sweet let me know when I can preorder the book and you my good sir have my money lol

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EmpressKasumiHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to have a physical copy in my hands when this is done 🥰

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Link-StrifeHobbyist Artist

Linked to me by a friend. Good lord~ this first part is awesome!

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VampelothHobbyist General Artist


AlfilNegro's avatar
AlfilNegroHobbyist Photographer

THAT is how you start a new series =D

seriously, the last panel is gorgeous

Colorfulmoongato's avatar
ColorfulmoongatoHobbyist Digital Artist

Eeeeee!!! -^^- /)*D*(\ <333<333<333

ForestWolfDragon's avatar
ForestWolfDragonHobbyist Photographer

My eyes just cried from how beautiful this is.

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gromet999Hobbyist Writer

OMG! Where the hell is THAT bookshop? Excellent start to a promising story. :happybounce:

integral31's avatar

Charring Cross Road, London.

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