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fine print- merryl alaris- making of XD

when a mommy succubus and a mommy succubus want to establish a family structure of their own, a mommy succubus becomes a daddy incubus and then they shake the foundations of the earth for a while!

and that's how merryl was made in fine print :P

for more fine print stuiff , go to this gallery…

book 1 in its full 184 page glory is available october 27th in comic stores
and november 2 in bookstores and amazon…
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jactinglim's avatar

I love your designs they're all just gorgeous :D

Ralunix's avatar

Wondering how Charon would look as an incubus. Cause the golden robe is dazzling.

shiniez's avatar

you'll find out but basically... idris elba with horns XD she does love her bearded look

Ralunix's avatar

So indeed dazzling!

He not really into this isn't he?

shiniez's avatar

she's contemplating being the mother this time. for three of their children bauphette was the father and for once she wants to try being the mother so this time they'll have to change it up

(they are shapechanging gods of desire)

And THEY blame MERRYL for the way she is????

LORDTyb's avatar

So how crazy is it to do the act with a succubus or an incubus ?

shiniez's avatar

there's tails everywhere and you're hardwired to the cosmic energy of desire. every pleasure increased to the absolute maximum unless you do something stupid like that one thing lauren does in the story later and...


we'll get to that.

limited-capacity's avatar

I was going to comment about how I love the blackish squiggles that are like 'insert tails here'.

LORDTyb's avatar

This is both terrifying and intriguing at the same time, like scareoused to 11

zakueins's avatar

I've seen hentai that has started like this. And, some of it was actually good...

FRivArts's avatar

Cubi family planning: NOT IT! Sike, you owe me a baby~

shiniez's avatar

pretty much XD

Mahasu's avatar

wonder if bauphette loss the coin toss xD

shiniez's avatar

nah. this is actually the scene where she contemplates being the mother for the first time instead of charon and that's how they get merryl. as charon changes to her incubus form instead

siborg626's avatar

First comes love with lust.❤️😈 Then comes marriage.👰‍♀️🤵‍♀️ Then comes little baby monsters in a baby carriage.~👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

shiniez's avatar

love is forbidden, the rest is fine XD

spikedpsycho's avatar

*tied to the bed*

"Now, about those babies


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