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fine print, leliah and heureca new update wip

By shiniez
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just something to post till next sunstone update lands here

work in progress for the next update of fine print out this month on patreon

when a succubus and a cupid get high off of each other's specific energies.
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How long is this weekend again? THAT long? Good!

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This is great. I did something similar...

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oh yeah. it's a ridiculously common theme XD

also, damn! XD

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honestly love this couple, interesting where their romance leads.

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Lesbomancy !

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can't wait to read the entire series! :D

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I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they go to meet their parents...


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It still amazes me you can make more then one comic in a short amount (For an artist) of time.

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Liking needs 2 a lot, hope they get a big role in the Story!

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Such gorgeous designs!

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Maybe instead of the song going "Girls just wanna have fun" it should be "Angel's just wanna have fun"?

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All the love for these two! Love seeing things progress here!
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"Get high" eh? Smirk

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yup. this them literally doing drugs in their world. getting high of each other's specific product XD

cupid getting high off of the energy of desire

succubus getting high of energy of love

and it's about as illegal as it gets

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Well that explains why it's considered taboo in their communities. Can a succubus/cupid get addicted to the feeling, and do some stay/get stuck permanently in their altered forms (horns+halo)? :thinker:

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yes, in fact they can fully switch sides

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there's nothin' better than an a succubus and a cupid <3

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I love the body language of these two!

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