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fine print leliah and heureca

By shiniez
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these two are gonna be a lot of fun XD their frenemies with benefits relationship is gonna be fun to write
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You should check out Elliott Kay's 'Good Intentions' series of novels. It's a fun series about a man who interrupts cultists performing a ritual that ends up with him bound to an angel and a succubus. It's the first thing I thought about when I saw this.

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i know about it. someone mentioned it before and i gave the first book a start worried that it would be too similar. but no this is nothing like it.

in fact, there are no angels or demons in this story at all ;) this goes somewhere entirely different.

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Cool. I love both of your work so it'll be nice to see what you come up with!

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You saw the horns, right?

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Will you two get a room already?

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This is them WITH a room. It's a complicated relationship.

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The horny animosity between these two is, well, radiant

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fuckin hell and heavens sake


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Your humor is matched by your talent!

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>! awesome !<

great colors

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Some Aasimar/Tiefling action!

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I cannot WAIT to read this!!

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Let the Celestial/Diabolical kink begin

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I love these sneak peeks!

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Oh I get now that's one of Cupid's arrows isn't it!

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I get a strong "Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" vibe. You know - Bernini, mid XVIIth century?

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Excellent work.

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Very beautiful and awesome work! 😊😉
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Why do we enjoy to see angels and demons together? :XD:

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