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fine print- i don't think she listened

a sample from my upcoming book fine print- or how a divine contract may not be the best cure for a broken heart
a tale of gods mortals and absolute dumbasses

book 1 is out october 27th in comic stores
and november 2nd in bookstores and amazon

more samples here:…   amazon link
barnes and noble
book depository
books a million
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Been honest... i envy the amount of intercourse Lauren have...

shiniez's avatar

seven times in a year?

hasn't really been that much so far XD

PicUnrelated's avatar

quality > quantity

An Nephilim from the ranks of slaanesh

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MicheaB's avatar

Strategically placed pillows....go!

Goddess freaks out about being seen

Lover: Wow, you're beautiful!

Goddess: Hold the F up! Say what now?

And that kids, is how we got the big bang.

Uh-huh! Very interesting.

Vixxiin's avatar

She is so lucky that viewing a god doesn't just stop her existing. Like if I was in a mystical situation and someone said don't look, I'm gonna assume that it will harm me if I do, rather than about an insecurity thing. Glad it all worked out, but my goodness, probably better to listen in the future, haha!

The ugly duckling has become a...


shiniez's avatar

sure! with tentacle tails!

How many pages are in book 1?

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Mahasu's avatar

not 69? disappointing xD

shiniez's avatar

not nice at all XD

Ceilibeag's avatar

Is that what they call a splash page? Because, man, that is a CANNONBALL!

Damn fine artwork!

Sarcastodon's avatar

You are just so good at these "starburst" page layouts. They convey the barest sense of chronological movement as multiple things seem to happen "at once" all while there is this powerful central "moment" that dominates and dictates all of the other panels that surround it.

Such a great use of visual storytelling.

shonasof's avatar

..... I really want to know what's next!

spikemugen's avatar

Is she Futa? XD

That venn diagram: gods is one circle, mortals is the other, and absolute dumbasses is the overlap.

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