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fine print book 1 finale - work in progress

just some wip stuff. wrapping up book 1 and it's coming out in print end of october in comic stores, and november 2 on amazon and bookstores

think if it like sunstone...but with gods XD

amazon link for book 1 preorders…
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ArchAngelis's avatar

ive never been into tentacle porn to be honest but holy fuck.

Youkai229's avatar

Of course Meryl's a tentacle monster. XD

hrhtomas's avatar

It makes me think of the old trope of a woman with glasses who is destined for a sexy makeover that begins with taking off her glasses.

Lucoire's avatar

Are those Tentacles?

I've seen enough adult japanese art to recognize a Man of Culture when I see one.

DBrentOGara's avatar

Mmm... ten tickles. :love:

Angry-Tea's avatar

Im a bit lost on the whole " she got her smile back" as I am clearly behind on the info / spoilers / streams. But...are her eyes BLEEDING?

Is this some kind of ' You look at a God and its presence is so powerful your eyes bleed' or did she rub them raw?

Or was the sex just that good she exploded?

shiniez's avatar

the second one. usually seeing a true form of a god means a mortal will start bleeding from their eyes followed by spontaneous combustion

TheDviousOne's avatar

Didn't think that when Lauren got her smile back I would be saying "oh no" ;_;

Razmere's avatar

...she got her smile back.

SarahSquirrel's avatar

she is smiling ;0; just don't know if is a good smile

rafigomez's avatar

Great behind the scenes look at your process. Thanks so much for posting this!!

Ceilibeag's avatar

Cannnot wait for the completed work. Marvelous.

WOW! :la: This is going be good! :D

marsatas's avatar

I, uhh, seems like a pretty important scene from a final chapter, that at least I, would have proffered to see in final form while reading instead of like this, all spoilery. But from the comments it seems like thats just me I guess.

shiniez's avatar

it's just a scene. book starts with her dying. i'd say that's more of a spoiler than anything else and even that is a questionable thing.

marsatas's avatar

If I were to argue for a moment, and I don't want to make it sound like it's some big deal or anything, only my 1.5 cents. (love your work regardless).

A long time ago you made a statement that Sunstone will end with everything being ok and to this day that was the best spoiler I had ever received. But how it all goes down wasn't shown, so the whole ride to that point when it eventually came was like a full package deal of read watch and experience. Just felt like the the final scenes impact could be affected (not the tentacle banging).

Anyway, again. I'm still mostly just happy to see it progressing.

shiniez's avatar

trust me... this is nothing ;)

IllyDragonfly's avatar

Yay, tentacles shipping galore! :)

Erismanor's avatar

Oh snap, she smiled.

shiniez's avatar

i love it that people notice that.

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