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fine print- Heureca and leliah


done with this one for now i will do one final pass at a later date that will mark it as finished, leliah and heureca eternal rivals that feel drawn to each other and hate themselves for it, after all both mock thadeus and vain incessantly for their connection

fine print is a mature audience comic currently under construction and limited to my patreon only for now

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Awesome on the design for these two. :)

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Always transcendent; now I need to learn the new site to view properly! Worth the learning; soon!

"For now"... Does this mean that we'll see a hardcover book from Image, with bonus extras such as a scratch-n-sniff card?

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Another excellent piece

Come on.  Just a little smooch.  No?
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I really love how you're giving the demons butterfly wings instead of bat!

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i couldnt agree more, though the coloring gives me the feeling of them being more leather than the "regular" butterfly wings.. so it is the best of both kinds of wings :D

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You're right, they do look remarkably like leather!

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i know right? :D

So considering that i think these wings are an amazingly good mix of original and classically demonic :D

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Definitely agree, 100%!

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instead of just purely Hell Demon we have more of a... "Fairy Demon" kinda?...

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Yeah exactly!! It's a certainly unique take.

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very much so. :D

btw, did you check the Fine Print preview? :D

seems "Demon" is a loaded word to their race, they go by "Cubi".


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I love all the Fine Print stuff, but what I love especially on this one (apart from the expressions and tension ...) is that you put them in a forest <3

I keep wondering about the butterfly wings - and recently I stumbled across paintings of Cupid and Psyche and now I can't unsee it whenever I see cubi with butterfly wings ... am I on to something? :D

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I look at this and think to myself, that the demon chick has just said, "You know you don't need that arrow to steal my heart, babe."

I want this as a poster

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This is gorgeous, their expressions, the light play, bravo!

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This is so gorgeous. The lighting is insane, those feathers are incredible.

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Amazing work, as always! 
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Great artwork of heaven and hell.

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I like the creative shoes. I mean, I don't like high heels, but those are missing the heel part so it's ok :)
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