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fine print Anubis and Papillon the furry succubus

By shiniez
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fine print is the tale of eros and thanatos and all the chaos they can cause in the worlds of gods and mortals

among said gods is  anubis one of the many death gods (not gods of death, merely gods aligned with entropic energies of death) and Papillon, a succubus, lesser goddess of desire and a descendant of eros.

seriously, someone give this girl a copy of season 1 of beastars or something :P
while lesser characters in the story they are relevant and their story has a very fun flow and the eventual involvement of leliah and thadeus  is of great importance. 

fine print volume 1 is currently in development through my patreon and later in 2021 volume 1 is being published by top cow/ image comics, the same company publishing sunstone :)
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© 2020 - 2021 shiniez
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Oh hell agree, that's weird... and damn hot XDDDD

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"and why was it kinda hot?" - everyones entry level into the furry fandom...

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gotta love her fetish :D

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Middle panel is about five seconds before Anubis realizes what "Netflix and chill" ACTUALLY means. XD

shiniez's avatar

she's like, i got active subscription!

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I just snorted my drink at the last panel.

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I am a bit late to the party, but... I'd say someone has been taking some advice by an old hamster, after all.

Thumbs up (we need to check)!

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And also...Anubis seemed to be done with everything!

RoyceGrey's avatar

Hey! Hades relxing! Having a chat! Nice. He's wound pretty tight.

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LOL Hilarius ! Anubis just wants peace ! ! ! Or so he seems to say.

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"You have not been deemed worthy for the largest dick in the land"

Reputation -5
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Man Anubis gets treated shitty despite being one of most good gods. Except for Hades, he's a creeper.

Devilactive's avatar

Sigeel's Hades is nowhere near creeper territory. Some of the other gods, on the other hand...

Solarzilla's avatar

I'm talking about OG Hades from mythology

antipluesch's avatar

how is he any creepier than zeus? i mean, ok, hades basically kidnaps his wife, but so does basically everyone in mythology at one point or another and later she's free to go, stays half of the time on her own and he's ok with the concept, and never betrays her. now zeus constantly tries to fuck everything he takes a look at, (his wife and her revenge-circle on everything her husband puts his stuff into is a whole other pandemonium of creepy...) and not half of it is by consent. then there is the sibling-incest-part, but again, that's kind of normal as gods go, so no further matter, but still, if we want to go "hades is creep"; yeah, look at zeus.

Solarzilla's avatar

Dude, it was wrong now and wrong back than, why would you defend a creepy old man going after his niece. Not to mention other societies and religions were far better when it came to treatment of their women and rightfully hated the Greeks for what they are.

antipluesch's avatar

the first part aside, but what society treated their women right and therefor hated the greek? :D i have to know this, please elaborate.

also i can only guess you really didn't get what i said, when you believe, i have defended anything.

Solarzilla's avatar

Dude, they hated their women so much that they resorted to pedophillia

antipluesch's avatar

that is... simply wrong. xD and didn't answer my question. but you also just disqualified yourself for a discussion, so move along and don't answer.

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Anubis: ....So you want me to WHAT to your neck?!

ShamWerks's avatar

me - "Soooo... Furries?"

Stjepan - "Nah. Ancient Egypt."

Youkai229's avatar

W8! Punderworld and Fine Print are in universe!?

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