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By shiniez
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yes, those are the characters from my wife's comic bloodstein XD
you can read that here

also put it under moderate mature content cause ally is an f-bombing gamer XD
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"Life can be much nicer..." Fuck. This is not only relatable AF, also the art, the story, the everything. I LOVE THIS SHIT.
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That sword is freaking awesome!
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le-petit-claudineHobbyist Writer
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NakainRimmelStudent General Artist
Oh my gosh, I see Vlad!
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sigeelProfessional Digital Artist
heheh yup^^
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DarkZeldaNeedLoveHobbyist Artist
thats literally the story of my life in warcraft :D   
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MAN, Allison can be a monster when planing a game. Love it a lot.
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Best page by far! The crossover got my girlish fangirl heart screaming XD 
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What does Greedy mean in the context of that game?
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I can't say specifically about THAT game, but in Dungeons ad Dragons Online: Eberron unlimited (and most fantasy RPG's work like this), when questing with other player(s) and it's time to share the loot, you can choose between "greed", "need" or "pass" for each item. Pass gives you no priority on earning that item, greed gives you medium (let's say... 1) and need gives you high priority (let's say 2). If more than one player chooses "need", or none do and more than one chooses "greed", or everyone chooses "pass", the item is given randomly to one of the players with the top priority. That's how Vlad got the egg. Kinda douchy if you ask me. He's a not a mage, so courtesy dictates he chooses "greed" or "pass".

PS: Shiniez, please don't sue me for copyright. I just needed a pic for the profile (which I made solely for the purpose of commenting here) and I really like your work.
Besides... Squinting is cool...
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I Fricking HATE loot-hoarders! Excommunicate them from the party like a dead bugger-bear.
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O.O Ohhh.. Not as if the rest of the artwork isn't awesome but.. Damn... He's GORGEOUS...
Cockatoo-Keeper's avatar
Ally has what my wife calls gamer's tourettes.
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MMORPG Ally is my fave Ally so far. 
Nevir-Saedi's avatar
LMAO Bloodstain crossover? Fantastic!
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Omg your art is amazing! You make some scene so great with a really few colors and details, it's stunning!!
- For the armors little golden details, is it some vectorial stuff? -

Keep goin' :)
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vircophHobbyist Writer
The face of Ally there (in various moments... but in THAT) is priceless. *.*
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No wonder she's mad at him.
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hello, i just love this comic XD
did you think to publish it on tapastic too?
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I got turned off from online games due to the people and overly used builds for characters that people looked up online.

On another note, such beautiful detail.
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just re-read this gotta ask if both you and yr wife both worked on this page 

don't know if it would be funny or awesome (or both ) if u drew yr chars and she did her's for this page 

it would show the different art styles  and hey might look good in the printed version lol
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sigeelProfessional Digital Artist
nope, he drew all of it.
our styles might look similar at first glance but they would clash one beside another. not because of colors but a slight change of style. 
elly is drawn in a much more simplified way, than what my husband draws, so she might look out of place,like a cardboard cutout... and I'm just not comfortable in trying to copy the exact style that he has only for the sake of appearing in his strip, it takes a lot of time and it doesn't contribute to anything, especially my own growth as an artist.
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Confession time: I talk shit- very much like what Ally's doing in this comic- when I game. That in particular was what had me rolling on the floor for most of this page. <3
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