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By shiniez
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gonna be a longass journey, but it's gonna be worth it
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Yessss I haven't checked back in years and saw Sunstone in a comic store in Austin. I'm so happy Alan has someone 😍
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there are lots of quotes about the journey being much more important than the destination - if art like this is the journey, then I definitely don't want it to end.  Thanks for your fantastic work
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Wonderful picture and even greater meaning.
Thank you very much.
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This picture is the #LifeGoal of everyone looking at this picture. No matter which side of the leash you’re on.
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great work, as always. 

i love your storys 
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when is mercy coming out in physical copies? Im chomping at the bits for this!
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Best option to put a wedding ring? On a collar :) And by the way NEVER touch your hair, when wearing a shiny latex glove. The silicone oil will mess up your hair in no time. Still, she looks totally adorable.
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ahh but who's endgame? Her's or His?
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CAN ... NOT ... WAIT.
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Damn, girl looks fine! Heart 
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I .. want... IT SO MUCH Jawdrop I'm on fire! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
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This may sound ridiculously stupid on my part; my favorite part of this picture outside of the fetishism of it... i LENS FLARES!!!! I Love the light spots on the picture. What an AWESOME touch
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True! It really add a celebratory feel to it and somehow makes the ethereal solid white background feel 'substantial'. I think it would be redundant to point out that it's ludicrously beautiful!
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My body is ready...for this journey haha
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WOW...that's all that I can say...just WOW!
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With as great as you made Sunstone I know I'll enjoy every second of Mercy.
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Given what we've seen about Alan's past, I think him collaring her is one hell of an endgame.  Says a lot about how his character's grown and how good she is for him, too.
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A great moment so many look forward to.
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I love the lens flare. Well done, Mr. Abrams. 
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YES! I was JUST Saying this exact thing. 
shiniez's avatar me J.J. :P
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