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dumbest conversation ever!

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© 2016 - 2020 shiniez
yknow... i can't wait till i get to the second half of this chapter ....for...reasons....

soon... just 4 more strips and we're at mid point and then...
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I don't get the dildo joke.
IllegalSympathy's avatar
IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist
What, the "Dildo Baggins made it there and back again" one? It's more a play on words from The Hobbit's Bilbo Baggins' "There and back again" than like a "Snarky comment/witty punchline" joke.
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
Allison looks so dorky asking for her Allycat sketch and I LOVE IT!
universe1919's avatar
Can't wait to read of what Anne will say to Lisa.
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DeviantArtest99Hobbyist General Artist
No, the dumbest conversation is what keeps happening with the King Arthur movies. "Hey, I wanna make medieval action film! I can give it my own unique style and flavor!"
"Just make sure it's using the King Arthur characters!"
"Okay!" *Does everything wrong*
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Ivain7Student Interface Designer
I have literally 1 book that is accurate when it comes to the king arthur stories, the rest are all popularizations or ripoffs, even the good stories. It's by Anthony Mockler, and is more like a chronologically ordered correction of mini stories about a lot of the knights of the round table and their adventures. It's a pretty good read if you like old-fashioned knight tales.
DeviantArtest99's avatar
DeviantArtest99Hobbyist General Artist
If I'm ever in a position to make a King Arthur movie, I'll read this book first.
prender's avatar
I fucking love Anne.
Jingus's avatar
JingusStudent General Artist
This is fuckin awesome :D
EmmaLights's avatar
EmmaLightsStudent Photographer
Official acknowledgement of Anne's bisexuality!!! YEESS!!
JinxyCat671's avatar
What is that vibrator thong harness called lol? Was that your own invention or does that really exist?  
shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
variations of it are referred to as forced orgasm belt on amazon. it's a real thing. 
Angel-Of-DeathX1's avatar
I have checked this page 4 times a day every day I neeeds thissssssss
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tiffofchaosHobbyist Writer
ugh...finish it already. You're such a tease!
judygrrl's avatar
Somebody needs to introduce Ally to a Feedoe...(mebbe an "I'm sorry I was such an ass" present from Lisa...?)

Also... A-R-Grrl says to tell you that you mis-spelled "Segue"
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Batz-MatsaStudent Artist
PLEASE....MORE!! I'm lovin this! <3
doubletsptn's avatar
I cant find the ther part of the chapter for some reason.
TikaNandureni's avatar
TikaNandureniHobbyist Digital Artist
Can we please get an update soon? Please please please? : O
Because we also want to get to the second half! Your teasing is just cruel! ;)
FinMac101's avatar
NOOOO! I wasn't strong enough. I was gonna wait till you were completely done to read the whole story start to finish, but I couldn't wait anymore. I wanted to avoid cliffhangers and now.......ugh.

The waiting begins.
doubletsptn's avatar
to late for me. bummer
jpologuzi's avatar
seriously, worst cliffhanger ever too, i was freaking out when i couldnt go to the next page........cause there wasnt one. q.q
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