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dont overthink it

alas diablo failed to keep my!
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I love that Ally's into manga! I'd love to know what manga they're reading!

Oh God, I cringed so hard when Lisa said "Can't they flip this in print?" Yes, they can, and sometimes they do, and it's awful!

It's soooo gratifying that she's enjoying the manga, though.
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
I love everything about this strip! From the trust, their interaction, to Lisa's inner monologue, everything is perfect.
(Comment on you caption :P)

haha.  Yeah, Diablo held me for about 5 months, then I remembered that Diablo 2 was still a thing and switched back to a good game :P
universe1919's avatar
Everyone need someone to trust. It's something that I yearn for.
haha damn soo relatable
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I must say I find it hilarious to see somebody struggling with reading manga. I keep forgetting I'm supposed to read this left to right and wondering why speech bubble order isn't making any sense XD
ggardener's avatar
Last three panels are so.. So... Squuueeee! x)
sophhiee's avatar
They're so cute! I love Lisa's facial expressions in the last three panels; she's falling so hard. 
"She's so elegant... so... capable of waking the dead..."
I think I burst a lung xD
I love these two
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LOL "She is so... elegant"  SNOOOOORE


Also, MANGA FTW!!! I translate manga from japanese to english XD, my hobby!!
EcchiDragon's avatar
That's an awesomesauce hobby :D
Sabu-chan's avatar
HikaruMokona's avatar
I just noticed Lina Inverse on the cover! Nice eye there!
Yay back to the fun stuff! Not to say that the character development wasnt interesting, but these two are just so adorable together! Squeee!!
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Oh my Gamikai, that was Slayers. I recognize that ginger hair and typecast X3
SaikounoKenbuhime's avatar
I was just about to mention that. I hadn't begun the series (started with the novels) until after my first read, and had't noticed the reference til my second reread.
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I couldn't really see the pic but I was certain it was Slayers..God I'm nerdy lol. Love this story btw
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But sometimes over thinking it helps you discover things about yourself that you never knew existed. That's how Tarquin found me. And I am so glad he did.
So, this is my first comment.  Why am I posting now?  Two weeks late?

Slayers manga.

Awesome choice.  ^^
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The little touches, especially the snoring, was a hoot. It makes them approachable, and not just comic characters. 

This series has warped and destroyed the barriers I had deep in my mind, It uncovering a primal hunger I've never felt before. I now know the secret desire I subconsciously held prisoner, my desire for s/m, I can't be complete without it. This truth has completely over powered me. I am at Genesis.
That can be a good thing! Explore it, and listen to both your heart and head. Enjoy what you find, and remember: Trust is important. :)
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