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dont mind me...just peeking

special thanx to my wife for flatting the colors on this one :)))))
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yeah sure "Ally" don't you mean mistress?
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"Ally" to my friends... so good.
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Wow, what a thought out eventuality you have created. Love it.
What's a pony girl? :o 

What are the feathers for? :D 
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If I remember right, a pony girl outfit is for pony play where one or both of the participants (usually a female) plays the role of an pony. So a pony girl is someone who is into pony play, finding enjoyment in taking the role of a horse. 

The feathers are probably for show, as they are when you have features on actual horse harnesses. They look quite attractive and they can be found quite often in a type of pony play which focuses on display, which means that such plumages and also such things like elaborate harnesses are common with people who practice that type of pony play.
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ally just has this hot devilish look, love it
I absolutely love the art style used in this series.
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"I wouldn't mind seeing some of you wearing that"

That quote reminds me of an incident at a former employer of mine. The desk opposite the one I used at work was occupied by a lass who was only in the office once or twice a week. The first time I saw her my instant thought was: 'I'd love to see you kneeling at my side wearing a ball gag." Never happened, of course. Lets face it, I wanted to keep my job so I never said a thing about it.
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Finally, been looking for the pic of that mask for hours.
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The typos remind me that this is a work of love, on his and her own time, not a 'professional' work, at least in the stage that im reading it here in forum. 
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That pissed off face of Alan is so sexy xD 

Reading what Ally thinks, she is very much like me in MANY ways. 
& yes people changes, I long ago stopped caring for what others think or say about my likes, or what I do.

Im in love with this story. 
Thank you so much for sharing it ♥
I agree, sexy pusses off face
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Ally has some balls, I don't think I would of been able to walk up to Alan again like that after he was rude to me but I can understand that she was happy to finally meet someone who liked the same things as her and I'm happy they were able to become such good friends =)
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hmm lol never had someone react to me when I'm drawing smex scenes on the train, but I'm warned now ^^
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I can actually relate somewhat with Ally's alienation... not the bondage shit...but I was raised Mormon and I was an atheist; or, at best, a deist who thought Dr. Who was the closest thing to a god I'd ever want to see.


 THe thing's I loved and thought about were forboten by my family's culture; and when I ultimately informed them of even partly what I thought and felt, I was basically ostracized. Treated at best as tragically infected with the decadence of "the world", Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah. At worst I was outrightly seen as a venal contagion only allowed any fortune through my family's benevolent energy. I am not making this shit up. My parents actually believed the blessings of their obedience to God was all that sheltered me from His Holiness's well deserved wrath. Of course, my parents were fucking nuts; so I don't hold that against every Christian by any stretch.

EterGrobie's avatar
Wait, hang on, mormoms are mormons, if they were christians they'd be called christians. .... I'm confused.
The-Psychonaut's avatar

Oooooh boy. One of those, huh? (clear throat) Originally assigned by the critics, i.e., the lynch mob, mormon is a nick name given to people who believe in the Book of Mormon, which is an abridgment by the last prophet Moroni (Mor-O-Nai, please don't say it like it's pasta) regarding the Israeli tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh's continuity in the Americas. At the height of which, post resurrection, in fulfillment of prophecy, Jesus Christ entreated them to a visitation. The people of the first Ephraim prophet in the Americas, Nephite, were exterminated by the Lamanites, the descendants of his brother. The proper name for the church is (I hate this mouth full) The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. It's what every missionary wears on his chest. There's a statue of the guy in every temple; and every prayer to the father is made in the name of the son.

 The first prophet, as a boy, saw God and Jesus together: my family's faith is about as Christian as it gets, believing in all the scriptures of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants (which is a compilation of revelations for the church's restoration) and the Pearl of Great Price; which contains the Book of Abraham and the Book of Moses.

  I don't follow your logic here. That's like saying 'if Baptists/Methodists/Episcopalians/Apostolics/Catholics/Protestants were Christians they'd be called Christians'. 

 I'm an atheist but I believe in accuracy. Mormons are very much Christians. You couldn't find a people who believe more that in Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God.

EterGrobie's avatar
Please, i find the fact that they've bunched up all Indian religions into "Hinduism", so yeah. And in any case, Islam is a branch of christianity too (kinda like cousins, you know?) and you don't see anyone putting that in the Christianity folder.

 Religion makes my brain want to puke -_- Seriously, it's like one long ongoing family brawl about who gets to go to disneyland, and every now and again a new kid shows up and starts mouthing off, guh
The-Psychonaut's avatar
Um, no it's not because muslims merely believe Christ was  a prophet. Like Moses. Christians believe he was the son of god.
EterGrobie's avatar
See, there's just a difference of opinion based on the same damn foundation! I call cousin religion.
The-Psychonaut's avatar
Nooo this is a theological classification that Jews, Christians and Muslims  all believe in by an overwhelming majority.
EterGrobie's avatar
And I'm neither.
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My freind recommended your work saying "I am waiting for you to kiss my feet in gratitude for this recommendation."
And I am so hooked. Your insight and story telling skills are amazing, as well as your art.
Lots of love to you.
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