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creatively intimate...damn... thats way too fancy

By shiniez
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that title really is way too artsy fartsy XD...

aaanyhoo next strip features updated version of some old pics bound by storytelling.....FUCKYEAH BONDAGE PUNS!

why update those pics... well, they clashed way too weirdly and i already made it a point to use this style every now and then when...shit...gets...REAL!
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SirHoneyBadgerHobbyist General Artist
I love your artwork. I adore it. I would make love to it, if such were possible, and have it's babies. It's perfect, to the point of being "swoon-worthy", as I have described it to others. Nuanced, endlessly erotic, beautiful almost beyond compare. It's grade AAA dark chocolate for the eyes! And I love your stories, as well. Your writing is worthy of your art <---this is very much meant to be a compliment.

Thank you so much for drawing, and writing, and sharing all of this. It's a gift!
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KyrSolusoyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is incredible and this story is both beautiful and heart wrenching. Cant wait for Mercy to hit the shelves.
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Anaara-chanStudent Traditional Artist
I just found Sunstone for sale at Books-A-Million and I got so excited! I really wasn't expecting to see it. 
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Managed to pick up a copy of Sunstone One in a local bookseller today. Fabulous, beautiful, awesome. 

Thanks for continuing this work. It's a wonderful story, wonderfully drawn, and spectacularly told. 

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Looks absolutely amazing. :D
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Looks awesome from here! really nice!
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Just great. Can't find appropriate words ... 
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Could you please do a tutorial on skin?  or show us wips?Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Sho happy) [V6] 
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calisto-lynnProfessional General Artist…  he has a ton of videos on his youtube
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thank you very much!!!
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FlyingRagePandaHobbyist General Artist
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preggo2015Professional Photographer
i love it
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QuakehoofStudent General Artist
Best cover ever!
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her expression as she looks down at the gag just kills me. I need that expression in my life.
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TheMindChangerProfessional Writer
Is it just my impression, or does Ally's face look too masculine. Lovely work, just this transvestite face... :P
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well, she does eventually become the man of the relationship.
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TheMindChangerProfessional Writer
There's no such thing as a man in a lesbian relationship :)
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Really? Then why does Lisa become "Mrs. Carter"? Hmmmm?
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TheMindChangerProfessional Writer
I know men who take the last names of their wives after marriage, for various reasons (it sounds cooler for example) and no, this doesn't mean these men are submissive or that their wives are the "men of the relationship".
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They live in her house, and she's wealthy, so I bet she pays the bills. Now, though not biological, I think that does define her as the societal-cultural "man" in the relationship. 
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TheMindChangerProfessional Writer
I believe continuing this discussion would not reach any conclusion and would sound like trying to convince a catholic that contraception isn't Satan's tool for enslaving humanity.
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