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chapter 4-the curve

aaand we're off
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4th chapter and Alan is still an ass...Feels like he's the comic relief
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"Also... Hot" This is the best thing 'till now jajajajaja.
could it be that james is the male sub that ally had before the marion incident?
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didn't understand the color & design change of Tanya's top!!!!!!! :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) 
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passage of time.
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This chapter is going to be big, as I can tell.
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ok,,,so what´s up with tanya´s blouse?
 it goes from "purple,pink and white"- dotted to orange while in the office.
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The pannles aren't from the same day :) suposed to show that it took a while before she got suspisius (just guessing on the last part)
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Just a little information for the curious, in Japan a "rope artist" or "Shibari artist" is know as a "Kinbakushi" which literally means "Rope Artist".

Referenced here.… page 5. There are links and releases for almost the entire series there, if you look around for them. Enjoy!
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"How guys talk about things" (Not a stereo type thing, but still)
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I have been reading this for well over 3 hours now. -3- * go to sleep damit * no.
What is this "curve" that Harper and Alan are talking about?
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The 'curve' is the BDSM high, I believe. Trying to top your 'performance' until you run yourself into the ground or headfirst off a cliff. What happened with Marion, or at least something similar.
i love this comic
Huh, so strange thing just happened, I started reading this comic at noon, I could have sword that was like 30 minutes ago, but my clock says it's 4:30.

This comic is amazing. I found it while looking for porn. I wouldn't call this porn or really even sexually arousing, but this is some great art and awesome writing.
how do you read these? They are posted way too small to see the text, and when I save them as pics, and open them in paint, blowing them up makes the text blurry....little help?
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You should be able to make the image bigger by clicking! Just wait till it's fully loaded and the cursor should become a magnifying glass.
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I love Harper and Tanya and I just want Allan to be happy damnit. >_>;
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Yeah, more Harper!
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....Is it just me or does James (in that first panel anyway) kinda look like Death Vigil James? XD That would be a cute cameo.
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thank God someone else noticed it. I've noticed it from day one.
 Nice POV.

Annnnd new episodes!

Well, new to ME.
Yay now we are getting everyone else's story! Oh yeah baby lets go!
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