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chapter 4 complete pdf

By shiniez
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it feels good to have this  here. hit download XD
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LicentiousLustStudent Writer
Ah've  forestalled posting until now. Just finished chapter 4, loved the entire thing so far.. nothing ah've read in the past month... year, decade, has made me laugh gasp talk to myself (oh shut up we all do.. and when you start answering yourself well you know what they say) and yes even cry. It brings back so many things from the past,  fun things exciting things bdsm things, Gorean things, friendships shared and lost. I digress, but just so you know from deep within mah darke lil ko'lared heart, thank you. 
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sorry u ended this chapter the way u did. is there a chapter 5 ever going to happen
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lifdrasirHobbyist Digital Artist
i love the story. Btw you just took sadism to another level by ending it like that.
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I love it! It's so crazy and brilliant! <3
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I downloaded the file and it's Chapter 3 again, not 4...anyone get that problem?  Know where to go to solve it?
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KhristofeHobbyist General Artist
This is super great amazing cool sexy and so true :)
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dragon-wraithHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I read everything in one sitting. By the gods! My heart! I have no words. I'm in love with this story. I feel like these girls are my friends and i need to see them make up! It is killing me! I am recommending this to everyone. <3
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ynne-black Digital Artist
I would just like to mention again that you are absolutely amazing for being so generous to us poorer fans who cannot buy all the chapters
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good is perfect (Y)
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Ok, the end broke my heart... When will we have chapter 5??
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My friend just read volume 1 (it was on my table when she arrived and took the bait). She's addicted already.
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Thank you very much for this  More power !
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I read all 4 chapters today..I couldn't stop..this is brilliant work...I eagerly await the continuation
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Basch-SteelStudent Filmographer
Just finished reading chapter 4. Even though I know all will be well later, I'm still worried and sad about them.
I need to my fix :-)
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senfoster Writer
I am curious - and as a new member to DeviantArt, testing my first comment!  At the beginning of Sunstone, I thought Ally had black hair. When did you change to brown?  Why?  I liked the striking black.

Lovelovelove your amazing comic.  Thank you for bringing BDSM such a delightful, young, human, humane, even "normal" face - normal in the best way, that anyone can play.
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AsMeAsCanBeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh fuck me, I got emotional! I don't do that! Amazing, beautiful, and touching
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This ended in an uncommonly beautiful place.  I really did not expect to be moved.  Thank you.
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Just placed my preorder for Vol. 2. :)
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Thank you very much indeed!
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I just got done with reading Ch 4 all together like this and wow!
1) Ch 4 was HUGE! Not just long, but some much happened. Lisa moving in, the piercings, Anne, the story with the office encounter, and the final countdown to the explosion.
2) Putting it all in one format really made it flow. Not just the story, but the characters and interaction, growth, and development of two "friends with special benefits" falling in love and trying not to admit it to themselves and each other.
3) Progression without filling. Really, the story is all meat and no fat. So much happens but nothing feels rushed or padded.
Bravo. And great job.
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CarnalConceptsHobbyist General Artist
:iconfrogdanceplz:  :iconfrogdanceplz:  :iconfrogdanceplz:  
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I would so love a poster sized version of the cover picture! They're so cute
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Thank you, Sir! You are gentleman and a scholar.
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