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but the raid...

silly joke that i forgot to upload here XD
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Pure "Sunstone" spirit ! I love it ! :)

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When you wanna smash your girl but also goblins.

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Ally is the love of my life! She is my dream woman in every possible way (her being dom, geek, gamer, her way of thinking… everything!). Like, you probed my brain and created her from my thoughts and desires. Maybe there is a real version of her somewhere, who knows :) (I am pretty sure we won't meet tho)

lostandroid's avatar

I've been reading sunstone for years now, my favorite comic :)

shawnavinyltv's avatar

Always love the Sunstone stuff. These are such fantastic characters, it sometimes seems weird to me that they're not real. I totally feel like I could message them if I wanted to.

ares12's avatar

If she's playing Raid: Shadow Legend, then she deserves whatever's coming to her.

DaiGurrenDrift's avatar

I legit turned down sex with my wife because I was close to prestige back in my COD: BO2 days. We still laugh about it almost 10 years later.

Devilactive's avatar

Now THAT is how you pull wife aggro (or sub aggro, as the case may be)!

zeynel13's avatar

Sometimes, in life, you face difficult choices !

Felthea's avatar

Ahh the pain of having two loves, one being a different kind of fun while the other is much sweeter and can be very bitter at the same time. A great piece of art that shows the pain of the love of the flesh as well as the love the game.

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Lisa is trying SO hard to get locked up to roll on the floor with a vibe in a good place while Ally takes care of business with her friends..

MetZwerg's avatar


i want to believe lisa wins.....

Matttowler's avatar

their eternal struggle

Tough to be a gamer in love, I suppose ^_^

Ally, just sit on a stool with no pants and play the raid while getting eaten like a taco buffet.

Video games or bed games? Ah, the duality of man
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Sorry Waldo; smexcellence is a callin! XD

ClassicalSalamander's avatar

Truly difficult decisions... :heart:

Spydraxis01's avatar

The new raid tho LOL

Vlad and Elly will NOT wait. And they outvote her.

FoFaFie's avatar

ah, the ultimate crisis, sex or game and who to forsake (com on Ally there will be other raids!)

TheArmyArtist's avatar

The ultimate bratty sub. . . striking at the best moment

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