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but the raid...

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silly joke that i forgot to upload here XD
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i want to believe lisa wins.....

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LesrradNew Deviant


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MatttowlerProfessional General Artist

their eternal struggle

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Tough to be a gamer in love, I suppose ^_^

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Ally, just sit on a stool with no pants and play the raid while getting eaten like a taco buffet.

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Video games or bed games? Ah, the duality of man
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Sorry Waldo; smexcellence is a callin! XD

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ClassicalSalamanderHobbyist Digital Artist

Truly difficult decisions... :heart:

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Spydraxis01Professional Digital Artist

The new raid tho LOL

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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist


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Vlad and Elly will NOT wait. And they outvote her.

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FoFaFieHobbyist Writer

ah, the ultimate crisis, sex or game and who to forsake (com on Ally there will be other raids!)

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TheArmyArtistHobbyist Artisan Crafter

The ultimate bratty sub. . . striking at the best moment

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ah, the curse of being a gamer with a hot girlfriend/fiancé/wife.

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Must be tough to be a sexxed up gamer in today's world ^_^ Priceless!!! lol

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I suppose she could just use her as a Footstool?

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IllyDragonflyHobbyist General Artist

That's me with a new book 'Just one more chapter please' XD

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Well she still can raid the dungeon and free the "virgin" sacrifice ... or maybe safrice her herself ;-)

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VarisMetsaMetsastajaProfessional Filmographer

lol widows and widowers of mmo's

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SeigmannHobbyist General Artist

I just love those everyday (sort of) scenes between Ally and Lisa. :tinyhappyclapwithbounce: +plz

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"Actually, this is my new gaming suit. I've got my own character and I'm coming along!"

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TCPolecat7Hobbyist Traditional Artist

BWAHAHAH!! Nothing must interfere with raid night! Love these reminders that she's still a big ol' nerd at heart. ;)

- Polecat

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Raid me <3

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