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bloodstone? sunstein?

some of you are very much aware that sunstone, my comic and bloodstein, my wife's comic are indeed in the same continuity and connected. most of the inter comic interactions happen thru the mmo game, ally and elly play... and later on... doctor gets dragged in...and then he ruins it XD...buuut anyways....

as you can see elly and ally both wear high level female armors....ah mmos XD

lisa played the game once.....juuuuuuust once.... that was the first and last attempt on ally's side to get her involved....

now for all the new visitors, tho this pic is safe for viewing my gallery is orientated around a nsfw comic which would be best described as an erotic romantic comedy that handles themes of sexuality and how it affects our lives and relationships. just so you know so you dont wander into my sea of monsters unprepaired

as for my wifes comic, it is safe foe work
you can see her comic here, enjoy if you havent already :)
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Been wondering how to pronounce "Shiniez" (Shinies) LOL

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that could sound like a real MMORPG game "The Bloodstone Chronicles: Sunstein" 

The first expansion would be called  "The Bloodstone Chronicles: Allycat's Revenge" 
That "shiniez" pun was both terrible and wonderful at the same time.
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And when all tasks have been completed, thus proving the intellectual mettle of the challenger, they are awarded with the sacred Bloodstone, which when exposed to the light of the Blood Moon, plays a pre-recorded song...

You are my Sunstein,
My only Sunstein,
You make me happy,
When life's astray,
You'll never know dears,
How much i Love y'all,
Please don't take my Sunstein away...

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i'm like Liiiiiisa on this xD i actually watch all em cut scenes and read em stories xD
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Dragon age 2 reference..(?)
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oh...i mean the "if we kill them we get their stuff!" Because Isabela...but if it is not...then..ok
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oh... no it was just a random rpg joke.  :)
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looking so cool love it
when  I played  MMOs... i payed attention to  the  story too... but  then  I  was  playing  LOTRO.  
but  i killed  things...  lots  and lots  and  lots  of things. 
I  don't feel guilty.
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As a person in an open gaming relationship...  (my beloved is open about games I want to include her in.  Pen & Paper, MMOs, sooo many to choose from)... I can say that persistence pays...  but not necessarily as you expect :D

Love this world so much guys.
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That sword looks like a keyblade!
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I always wondered if Alan took part in mmos with ally..or if he just stuck with video games
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Let me guess the doctors real name is Leroy?
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ppl who don't read the lore miss out on some really neat story elements but even i only skim the fetch quest lore
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This is so effing true!
hahah love it
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Ah, the main reason I can't MMO... too much and not enough story. At the same time.
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For a level 1 character, Lisa's got the coolest armor
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my thoughts too, that is some nice lvl 1 armour design XD
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Okay Okay comment.. without being agonizingly verbose.  Loved the pic, loved the comic, hopefully going to love her comic as well.. Waiting (still)patiently for  pdf5 :) And ummmm, yes Must... Read Every Sentence!
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Asking the writer to not read xD You just CAN'T do that xD.
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