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over 30 damn panels... crap!
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Love Lisa's face in the last panel
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Huh; that explanation for the real BDSM scene compared to the stereotype does clear things up a lot.
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That's really not strawmanny at all, Anne… Do you even know what strawman means?

Also I'm getting really confused as to whether she's Lisa's blonde coworker or not. She looks exactly like her, even has her eyes, yet I'm starting to get the impression she's a different person. If they are different people — why oh why did you have to make them look so alike?! If they are the same person — why oh why did you have to make it so unclear?!
universe1919's avatar
this seems to have a lot of panels; I do enjoy reading a lot, so the more the better.
AsfaloththeRed's avatar
love your work and story line
Emmmm. I am wondering, what exactly Ally did with Lisa's tongue? Just intresting.
Devilactive's avatar
Heh. I loved the "metaphorical" explanation that Lisa gave for her moderate masochism in the print version: "Hot sauce, yes! Ghost peppers, FUCK NO!"
AlicesDollhouse's avatar
That's a fantastic way of putting it!
"over 30 damn panels... crap!"

And yet, finishing on that panel was absolute gold!
Thank you for your efforts!

Lisa's face in the last panel XD 
What did Ally do with her tongue?
Am I alone in thinking Alan may end up tutoring the tattoo artist? First time reading this came from Ally's GGAR Cameo and loving it
Heh. I was reading this before the cameo, but it was Chloé who turned me on to this. Isn't this great! I actually feel weird calling it a comic. It seems so much... more.
All caught up now looking forward to the next chapter
sophhiee's avatar
Lisa's other lips!😻 Their session was hawwt! And I love how Allison uses Lisa's ass as a resting place. So cute.

Tom though😂 He killed me
smf-1995's avatar
Is there an uncensored version with the whole sex scene being showed in another website
I nearly died when Cassie scratched his nose. xD
MissKlefki's avatar
.... I just want to squish her face, so cute. :3
MyDarkVoice's avatar
Oh you make me laugh no matter how hard me day is :)
jazzknh's avatar
That lst panel wwas precious, Allys shit eating grin, Lisas' moping chubby cheek face. Priceless. 
"over 30 damn panels... crap!"

That's what you get for telling a complicated story.

cassie trool face in the comic LOL cue the theme music
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
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GAWD FREAKING DAMMIT THEY'RE ALL SO ADORABLE Lisa's adorable, Ally's adorable, Tom's adorable, Cassie's adorable, Anne's adorable, Alan's adorable... :iconilavplz:
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