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awkward evening

By shiniez
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I've read a lot of erotica stories. Many of them involving someone "going down" on a girl. But none of them ever address this "driver's tongue" phenomenon.
I guess that's good to know for when I get a girlfriend. :)
DrakeVos's avatar
Yes, it can take quite some practice. Though if you are intrested in the subject, there is a great book about it which helped alot me when I had my first oral experience. Its called "She comes first" by Ian Kerner. Fantastic book, wonderfull grammar and great pratical tips.
Wannatripbaby's avatar
That sounds like my kind of book. I've always believed in putting one's partner first. Now if only I could find a partner to exercise that belief on...
Also the title is a double entendre! Which is basically like a pun!
I love puns!!!!!
BlazeLucivar's avatar
Ooh~ the smirk on Lisa's face in the last I sense a naughty little idea forming in her head?
DragonmanX-90's avatar
Alan you should've seen that slap coming!  I love watching him and Ally together; their interactions never fail to get a laugh out of me.
NoriMori's avatar
Alan's face in the two panels right after they take off their robes is simply amazing! And his face when he says "bathroom", too!
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
Definitely my favorite strip of the chapter. I love how Ally and Lisa interact with Alan here!
universe1919's avatar
This one has gotten me the most laughs so far in the series. And I can;t blame Allen for using the bathroom...
Devilactive's avatar
Heh. I loved what Alan called Lisa's lisp in the print version -- "a mean case of the Connery."
Llama-Bean's avatar
Llama-BeanStudent Digital Artist
sophhiee's avatar
Cassie the lawyer going all out... I love her.
AgustinaKazuyo's avatar
AgustinaKazuyoHobbyist Traditional Artist
This stripe is the funniest of them all
FetishRubberFiend's avatar
Alli's red outfit is sexy awesome.
GalerieLeNeko's avatar
This comic reminds me of a short BDSM experience.
I miss it. Seriously I miss it.
And I'd like to wear latex one day.
For me, but also for someone to play with.
drkilledbydeath88's avatar
This comic just slays me! That moment when you burst out laughing while reading and then you have to try and cover up what kind of comic it is that you're currently reading....  
SapphireCrusader's avatar
SapphireCrusaderHobbyist Writer
"Begone, Demon! You have no influence here...for about twenty minutes."

I love this comic! You are amazing!
lord-of-the-shadows1's avatar
lord-of-the-shadows1Hobbyist Writer
love the outfits. ;)
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Ally and Lisa unleash skill: Glistening Latex Glamour. Alan takes -1000 to willpower...
MrSirk's avatar
Now I'm forced to imagine all lawyers have tons of tatoos and piercing hidden under their suit. Law and Order will never be the same again.
dev-evan's avatar
hahaha and what about your own friends who are lawyers :v
AielloA's avatar
AielloAHobbyist General Artist
Y'know, Ive been thinking it for the past two chapters, and now I've gotta say it. Lisa looks SO MUCH like the standard Femshep (based on Jennifer Hale if I recall correctly).
jimpost's avatar
You do.
RoyceGrey's avatar
Ally is very phisical.
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