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and they lived happily!

totally how this whole thing ends!

yup, imma pull a how i met your mother on yall! XD

for those who are genuinely is the first day of april....
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Hmm, it seems she's gotten one of her greatest accomplishments: the total freedom to give herself to another in that sacrament.

This is still beautiful haha

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Yep... We all know who she really ends up with... :D
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Beautiful work of art!
I really like those two! :happybounce: 
In an alternate universe things are different! ;) (Wink) 
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Ship, ship, ship, ship, ship!!!!
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Now that I've read the preview of their first intimate encounter, this no longer seems so incredulous.
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you realise this is a ship waiting to happen lol
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Another version of this could have Ally in a suit with Alan dressed up wearing lipstick hehe
damn, tbh, Id say that sunstone has how i met your mother' similarities in the way the story is being told. Lisa=Ted.  
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It kinda makes sense that Alan would give Ally away to Lisa. Even though the imagery is off, there's a degree of accuracy to it, in my mind at least.
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i mean, they did live happily ever after, eventually, as friends.
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She definitely looks better and more comfortable in the suit!
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So glad you didn't! I haven't watched it but a friend who was OBSESSED with it told me what happened and I was like, WTF!? (TToTT);

Love how this piece came out though. It IS lovely....x3
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The brunette lead had a sister?
I could see this working out in another time and place, one where they couldn't truly follow their hearts because of the times and had to make do with wonderful friendship.

Also, I could see this totally working out as some period piece where they got married in Victorian times for the facade of respectability and the understanding that they'd both get to pursue their....other....interests, on the side, by mutual agreement.
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Not with that hair, he isn't.
Aw hell no indeed !! (You are joking with this, right??!)
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Well just in case u thinking. If she ever wanted a child. he would be the best bet.
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Yep use his sperm DNA to start a family with Ally. ;)
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Troll successful.
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Damn shiniez...I just found out about your comic and read it......But when i saw this drawning i was prepared to throw a shitstorm at really  angered me to the max....well played man...well played.
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Is that morph of her in game dress and her favourite fetish dress cut? :D
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aw hayyyyyyl nah!
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Waaaa? How'd I miss this one? You, sir, are a master of trolling.
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