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all good things must come to an end

and no not this comic , not yet, title refers to the first weekend only XD

now, imma use my psychic powers to deduce someone will mention some typos or bad grammar....aaand go!
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That section where it zoomed out on Ally and everything around her was white, was a truly magnificent way to describe loneliness!
I am reading this for the fourth time now, and don't want to spoiler the ones that have the pleasure for the first time, but every time I read the story it gets better, having in mind what is to come.
Thank you shiniez, for probably the best story I ever found. 💋
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So very true, all good things must end.
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Like how the house dissolves into empty space when her lover/slave - literally other half leaves. Its the dommes turn to enjoy(?) a cell.
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While yes I did notice typos, the story is so captivating I didn't care.
I just stumbled upon this after seeing the exchange you did with JollyJack.
I am glad I followed the curiosity.
If the rest of the comic is like this first chapter I am hooked.
Yeah the sex parts are fun but the whole story, the feeling between Ally and Lisa.
Thank you for writing and drawing this. and thank you more for sharing it with us. I needed a good feeling story and you have a winner here.

I can't wait to read more.
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To help proofread out typos, you should get a cunning linguist.
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most underrated comment ever
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I'm your fan!
This! THIS! *cries*
Guy Gavriel Kay? She's got good taste!
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When I read this I was so delighted to see Tigana on Lisa's dresser. I've been enjoying the story so much, but that just made my day.
wow. major downer. man...

also, I dont mind the typos. something about the way they come off actually makes them seem strangely appropriate. almost like they are talking with an accent. a couple panels back ally sounded almost russian XD
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I'd love to know how you created that effect with Ally's couch. It looks almost like flames, or leaves, or some combination of the two. 
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I get the last few panels a lot. It's kinda how I felt when I spent a night alone after being with my ex for so long
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If anyone looks at this precious story and even cares about grammar, I shall sit on them and panda-squish the fail out of them.

Anyways, OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I love this so hard. :3

Big hugs for Ally too. I know those feels. :(
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I think the only downside of this story is that social strictures pretty much prevent me from sharing this with any of my friends. But it's so damn cute! It's not fair that a story like this, ironically about guilty pleasures, has to be a guilty pleasure unto itself. Mneh. :P Oh, btw, thanks for staying relatively distant from the painful-looking bdsm stuff. I love the romance here, but I couldn't stand seeing either of these two in pain.
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oh my,i get you so well))) I'll try getting a completly hetero friend of mine into this :D she was pro bdsm though, so I'll try using it as teaching material :D :D :D
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That's what Tumblr was invented for. ;3
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Ugh~ a WHOLE week, ahead....

Those changes from pink to black just sucks & that Im a lover of Black & Leather. pffff.
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Ugh, this is perfect.
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