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ah the cleverness of me

have fun im off to doodle more

oh and nopt to forget, color flatting by my love :)
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Wow, she did that harness in an hour. I tried something simular on myself a few months back, and after a couple of hours I finally got it. Except I had misjudged somethings and it cut of the blood to my right hand. (It hurt quite a bit)
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Wow, I love the backstory on Alan, and how he was so distrusting and downright scared back then. It gives me so much respect for him, because it takes a lot to overcome trust issues, and it makes it all the more rewarding to see how open and at ease he is now.

Also, wow, I just realized what the creeking was. XD
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What a wonderful part in this chapter. Must read on!
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Beautiful chapter. Gave me some ideas of my own. Also nice reference to Peter Pan in the title :p
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Wow...and now I'm kinda crushing a bit on Alan. 
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Necessity is the mother of Invention
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Oh, geez, I am definitely in love with dominant Alan~~~~
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What the name of this kind of bondage? Where could I find information on how to do it? I would really love to know.
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that is one big hickey!
Rope dresses are so sexy.
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Did you research the self bondage ally did? I have been trying to find it but I can't... Or did you just have her create her own little rig?
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If you are still interested someone above said it's called Shibari
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Yeah.. I found it. I was looking to see if he had a specific name for the patterning, but with extensive research, I cant find anything. Thanks though!
It is a knotted tortoise shell body harness, Kikkou in Japanese.
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Oh dear god thank you!!!!!!!!!!
You're welcome...and good luck!
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I found this comic cruising through /b/ and - I have nothing to show but admiration for these works! They're so gorgeously colored and look like a sketch all at the same time; that, and the story is riveting, especially the ending to Chapter 2! ♥ - LOVE IT!
Okay, so I know I'm gonna come off like a dick asking this but: Shiniez, have you ever replaced a doorknob before? Seriously, two hours? Maybe to replace the whole door but just the knob or deadbolt lock should only take about 20 minutes. 30 if your hands are a little shaky from nerves. It's just not a remotely complicated job.
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he had to pick the lock too and if he had never done it before it could take a while to figure it out
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In a lock that hasn't been used in a long time it could be even harder than usual as the tumblers can get sticky or stiff.
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