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ah tastes....

some of you figured out earlier on that not everything is as it seems in this story... this is probably where more catch on to that :)
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I dunno if you're gonna read this or not, but i find it weird that discussing their sexuality is weird for them
i mean, they live together, they have sex together and saying "gay guys dont have to deal with this..."
this is actually relatable, really, my lesbian friends (and me as bi) play with my gay friends like that all the time
it's really not a weird thing to say
but it is for them and
they are adults and aware of their feelings, discussing that they are lesbians and that other gay people have better oportunities to sex sometimes its just a fact
i'm sorry, i don't know if this will all conect later but it makes just no sense
I loooove reading sunstone and seeing these two love birds dealing with their feelings, but i always feel this lack of the lgbt perspective you know
but its automatic, i'm bi, my friends are gay, heck, i date a girl
its automatic to expect, to think somethings common to my reality you know
but i dunno, really hope you could tell me your insight on this someday
some random tweet maybe idunno haahah
shiniez's avatar
just keep reading. XD these two idiots  know a lot about each other but their feelings for each other are not on that list XD
Klugdunum's avatar
I'm still waiting the moment in Mercy, where we got the "we'll get there" about Alan's hipster glasses ! I hope you still have this in mind, Mr Shiniez ! =P (Razz) 
NoriMori's avatar
I love Alan's shirt!
stealth694's avatar
My My,, is anne's door to perversion and kinky situations opening a inch or two?? :))
universe1919's avatar
This whole time I thought that Anne is hero, not bi... gat some more diversity! Please!
Ske-Ske's avatar
I keep searching, but not finding where the hearth tattoo came from. I can find it by reading back to this.
prender's avatar
God, I identify so strongly with Anne in this part. 
all that 'wisdom' is starting to take it's toll on poor Alan
snow1white1queen1's avatar
And I thought I successfully got rid of my BDSM desires just to stumble upon this amazing story and get both addicted and wanting that stuff again *sigh* I know I'm gonna end up a crazy cat lady.....
Great job! you have yourself a new fan :D
Littlefruitgoblin's avatar
Maybe you could combine both and end up a crazy BDSM cat lady in one of these

"This thing is starting up again"?
It's motorized?!
What does it do? And do I want to know?

Totally another subject - Where do I find those pages that were made before the strip and are getting worked in (or not)?
I'd love to see those odds and ends.
It's hard being a female primate.

P.S. what the hell is that thing?  On second thought, never mind.
"And it makes my orgasms go WEEEEEE" is the best line in any comic ever.

so that is what clusterBEEP means i thought it meant lot of people crammed in a small awkward space

FetishRubberFiend's avatar
It's like a snowball rolling down hill; getting bigger and picking up all kinds of "stuff" as it goes. Think of combining SNAFU's together into one BIG FUBAR.
fanservice101's avatar
I would imagine the likeliness of one occurring is pretty high in a small awkward space crammed full of people
Lankylurkr's avatar
Why the hell do I feel like we need to evacuate to the nearest bomb shelter?…
HyeVltg3's avatar
Held off Reading any more chapters for an entire 3 months.
Time to binge.
Thanks shiniez!
can someone explain to me what that device in the top panel is please?
sith2886's avatar
It's a modified sawhorse
How does it work? lol
SaikounoKenbuhime's avatar
I'm going to guess... like a mechanical bull, possibly with "toys" installed.
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