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achilles shieldmaidens wip

just a spread, first part of the prologue coming here next week

gonna be available on patreon today
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Strongly considering making this my desktop background.

Hello!!!!!!!!! [They know we're not the band, right?]

So, technically they're war-time entertainers and their mechs are basically standard-bearers. And they also double up as a way to call enemy commander's mechs to "champion combat" as in Robojox?

To avoid irl parallels(because I can't recall names of bands and singers, who performed near frontlines during WWII), let's give them an analogue to Redeemer warmech of Brotherhood of Nod. Exept in this case it's just inspiring troops and getting attention of enemies, not using literal mind control on allies and enemies alike:D

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they are none of those things :)

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Such a cool concept!

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The Sailor Scouts meets Gundam Wing

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Jealous. And I don't get jealous easily :/

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Look how happy they, this isn’t going to last. :D

Looking good, cant wait to see more.

looking forward to this

The big bots have some very Evangelion-looking heads. That's not a criticism, it's just a design choice I'm noticing, and I'm finding it kind of primes me to expect a lot of physical and psychological trauma, and maybe some light body horror.

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Awesome work. Looks really great.

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Looking very awesome and beautiful!

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Mighty Morphing KPoP Rangers!

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I'm definitely curious. Not piqued, but definitely curious.

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I so look forward to this! :)

...wasn't one of them one-handed though?

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I think she loses her arm as part of the actions arising from this opener.

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Ah, that would make sense.

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Spice Girls reboot looks bangers.

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Looking great :la: .

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