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achilles shieldmaidens wip- 4d chess

just some fun future clips and concepts for achilles shieldmaidens, second half of the prologue dropping here later this month

gonna be fun!
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This reminds me of a proto-dilemma from the 70's.

Problem: Autonomous female giant mecha with tits that fire as missiles falls in love with a human-piloted male giant mecha.

Solution: Writer just doesn't see any problem with the situation.

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Yeah! Don't spoil my bad mood with your bad choices!

*cue death battle with mecha justice from guilty gear aka a very scary fusion of the fusion suit from Metroid and the Evas from Evangelion*

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Ophelia looks badass!

First transgender mech I like this story ^^

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"The robot has Boobs!? Why does the robot have boobs?" Because BEWBS!

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that would make for a very boring reason. XD

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Saw this in a trans group, sold, will follow for more.

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I'm using my phone while looking at this, ended up laughing out loud and having everyone on the bus turn to me.

Worth it!

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I think it's cool!

Also - yay for representation!

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a clear concise plot point Kudos

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THE PLOTTWIST AT THE END OMG xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Also, Jane, how does your neck not break supporting that BIG BRAIN of yours?? This woman has galaxy brain, I swear it, I think she might eventually become my favourite one on the series

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I literally see no problem with this

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I am giggling so hard reading this. Thank you for sharing it. You brightened my day! :heart: :blackrose:

You've been bingeing on too many JollyJack cartoons again...

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There is no part of this that I don't love:love:

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I like her logic.

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On the one hand, this requires a great deal of context.

On the other, it does not.

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I don't know what you got planned but I want to see more! Love the mech design.

Where there's a will, there's a way - and you need to have a hell of a lot of will to pilot those things.

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