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achilles shieldmaidens prologue part 1

achilles shieldmaidens prologue chapter part 1
part 2 coming in may and it's gonna be fucking amazing!
and this is coming from someone who's not big on his own work XD
also ignore the few typos, they'll get fixed
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Duuuudee, this looks amazing!

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This looks really cool and totally gives off Macross Walkure vibes.

Who knew the thing that would get me into mechs would be women. :love:

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I think that the conspiracy nut is onto something. There's an enemy out there that Worldgov just don't want to discuss: A war that doesn't even officially exist.

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my brother says it looks like fortnite and i'd have to agree

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Good grief, man!! When will these be up for sale!?!?! :happybounce:

Speaking of, where is the next part of Death Vigil? ;-;

My library needs these new additions!

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Not... not weaponized?

Mister Rainbow Hipster-Goth, the size of those mechs' feet constitute a weapon system!

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Their manager looks like a blend between the Joker and the villain from The Fifth Element.

And I like it.

Kind of like the "pop star superhero" thing, too. Reminds me of "52" and "Final Crisis".

So says Most Excellent Super-Bat.:D

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I'm getting serious David Bowie vibes from Maximus rather than a resemblance to Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

SoupNaziMark2's avatar

I think I can be forgiven for not having a name like that straight in my memory.=P

I guess I see him mostly in the haircut and suit cut.

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Well, I'm impressed. That was a lot of exposition and well done.

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Wow. This is incredible. Loved watching the art streams on YT and it's great to see the pages coming together.

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Awesome work, wonderful character design.

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Ooh, that one armed lady looks absolutely badass! 😍

Amazing character design. ^-^

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This a absolutely amazing.... is the book done? When it's done where do I get it? TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

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Great job. I like your creative panel layout and the lifelike dialogues. I bet those "unarmed mechs" piloted by "popstars" are going to save the whole world after the "unknown enemy" wipes out the entire global defense in one devastating strike. Am I right? :-)

I see what you did with Lucy Dream, Shiniez. ;P

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I like how you use the pop star angle to justify the more playful mecha tropes, like the use of bright colors. Also, I really like the idea of using pop stars to hide a secret arms race in plain sight.

I see Sofia's Cyrillic initials have appeared again, on a fan's shirt.

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Asksfghdlsdjd yep. Brilliant.

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no, not another awesome looking comic, i cant wait for updates, great work, wish you had 4 arms to draw faster ;P

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