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aaand back

diablo frustrated me enough to stop playing and finish this XD
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Alan you should've stayed bootiful! *long hair magical dance* LOL
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Man, Alan is gorgeous.
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Might just be me, but I think making out has flown under the radar as of late. It feels as though a lot of people nowadays shoot straight for home and bypass all the fun
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I love how Lisa's just nonchalantly grabbing Ally's breast there and she doesn't even care.
universe1919's avatar
Dam, love character's history/past.
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Diablo is amazing! I love the franchise. though honestly I found the 3rd one to be a real cop out. I like how they finished off the story, but the gamplay was just very meh and disappointing.
Firan25's avatar
where did that come from? I saw no reference to diablo. ._.
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Yep, D3 was garbage! Biggest letdown I've ever had video game wise and that is saying a lot. My family loved D2 so much I went to the midnight launch to pick up 3 copies and my mom, sis and I all took the day off to play all night.... And then the login errors!!!!! -_- After that the loot was all just boring and when you realize that a 2-handed axe is a great weapon for your caster because it's dmg adds to your spells.... Now let us never speak of it again lol.
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OMG Alan's hair!
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Sweet Jesus, this is honestly my favorite love story/comic ever. Of course just like Secretary I have a hard time recommending it to my friends.
zerokasher's avatar
god .............
Shoot I cant zoom in enough to read it on ipod >.<
AngelsKarith's avatar
I love your comics story and realism its like reading a graphic novel but with hot yuri bondage <333333

also feel her pain I grew up with an older brother and sister plus a younger brother so yeah privacy was just about zero
WickedPrince's avatar
Thanks for frustration! :D
Amiln's avatar
Oooo story time! Yay!
What is Lisa's hair style called? cuz u see it everywhere nowadays. but can't recall the name of it..
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Girl, get thee a menstrual cup. Only the awkward cramps and bloating will get you down then.
When i was about ten, my family and i were visiting my grandparents house. we were all getting ready for bed when i told my mom i was bored and could not sleep. My mother took me into my grandparents study and tried to find me a book. Apparently, when she was much younger she would read novels by Anne rice, so naturally those were the books she went for. I took the book into my bed and began reading. With in the first few pages i quickly realized that i was holding was an erotic BDSM novel written by some one using the pen name ann rice. This was my first straightforward sexual experience and it would be another 2 years before my hormones became an active part of my life, but at the time i was fascinated. Later when i was 12 and i rediscovered sex that my BDSM fetishes came out. It is only now that i realize that it was probably that experience that turned me into who i am now. Life is a funny trip.
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wow, teen Ally is adorable :heart:
I'm having the same problems as the others the image doesn't render and makes its self all pixelated when it is expanded. All other images work fine though.
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