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aaand all over again....

By shiniez
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aaand so we begin
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This seems a bit like a horror story building; I rather liked that touch.
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You know, just the first half is a GREAT set of reaction things. 
ArtOfAMadChick's avatar
Anyone else google bdsm images after/during the read? .-.
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Kookiemonster112Hobbyist Digital Artist
First saw that tattoo when my dom told me to read this. master does not play around.
NoriMori's avatar
So it IS the same blonde girl!
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MahasuHobbyist Digital Artist
Why is she freaking out over that? It's a beautiful tattoo but seriously this is "kinkiest" thing she's ever sketched? looks pretty tame to me, beautiful tho.
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Ivain7Student Interface Designer
I daresay she encountered things that were a tad more kinky than this design. Think VERY hardcore bdsm. The embodiment of the "masochism" part. Ofc that will always remain speculation, but considering the sort of stuff you brush past even if your own interests are quite soft-core... I think her initial "Hell no!" reaction was justified. After all, porn is prone to exaggeration, and exaggerating on BDSM can become quite interesting.
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The tattoo is visually stunning and serreal. Love the tattoo as a wallpaper, though.
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I wish I could see a tattoo like this in real life, it belongs in a art museum! 
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Useful89Hobbyist General Artist
I read this in Harrison Ford-as-Indiana Jones' voice and laughed out loud.
DraziaXardei's avatar
I love that tattoo, would you mind if I ask if modders would like to make it a tattoo mod for Skyrim. I would be sure to give proper regards to you and the tattoo designer.
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
i am the tattoo designer :) but sure thing you'll find the deaign alone, here

cassie's tattoo by shiniez
DraziaXardei's avatar
Thank you very much it's going to look great. I mean it already does but it but it's gunna make so many skyrim characters look extremely smexy. x3
MetZwerg's avatar
could you give me the link when it´s done ?
boom17's avatar
the only way the rest of us are letting you do this is if you link it afterwards.. or suffer the SPAM-wrath of the internet.. xD
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MissKlefkiHobbyist General Artist
But it's a badass design!
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FlightFanHobbyist General Artist
If I click on the strip to read it I can see only two panels. :(
Lezk777's avatar
now THAT is a tatoo! jeez, amazing design there.
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mrsfelicityStudent Filmographer
I have fallen desperately in love with this comic. Everything about it so beautiful and honest. Thank you for making it. There has been so much myth and lies spread lately about bdsm and the community its nice to see something positive about us.
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