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a wasted hour

apparently she is a wuss , who knew?
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niauropsaka's avatar
I like that Ally is just low-key not wearing anything in the middle of that last sequence.

Oh, and the great thing about being an artist is that you can just blow past whatever your characters' actual clothing budget would be.
BlazeLucivar's avatar
Were those...ballet boots? Or pointe boots, or whatever they're called. (My little sister had pointe shoes for a little while, but I have no idea what the boots that imitate them are called...)
DragonmanX-90's avatar
...I think Ally has undersold how much money she makes.  Not by much given the house and the new bed she commissioned completely out of the blue; but seriously, not a damned thing in her house looks inexpensive.  Someone remind me, what does she do for a living and tell me if it's still profitable because I am CLEARLY in the wrong industry!
IT, though as an IT' er myself I can tell you that Ally is more the exception than the rule. I make a pretty decent living, but nothing like having an entire mansion, dungeons worth of toys and outfits and a pretty sub.
NoriMori's avatar
universe1919's avatar
Looking at all these outfits will get me some ideas for my sketches.
KatAnders's avatar
ShyChristine's avatar
I can only imagine how much fun it was to design and draw these AMAZING outfits!
LilithAlmighty's avatar
Panel 14 is just the CUTEST
FetishRubberFiend's avatar
I agree; the uniform makes the woman... hotter.
very nice; you should submit (ha!) them to a manufacture or designer. Honour? Marquis?
DPRagan's avatar
The white one, ballet boots?
LunaSabino's avatar
No, those are some kind of high heels that force you to stand on the tips of your toes as you walk. Indeed, like a ballerina but...more painful.
DPRagan's avatar
Yeah..."ballet boots". :)

as opposed to ballet slippers which you probably thought I said.
LunaSabino's avatar
Oh! That's right, thanks n.n
h8eweawl's avatar
Have you considered working with some of the fashion people who design clothes for Movie Stars? I have no doubt that several if not all of these designs would end up on the red carpet during Oscar night.
MikkelNPetersen's avatar
The most embarrassing question to almost every hobby "How much do you spend on this stuff"
Stallnig's avatar
And here I thought I wasn't into that stuff.
Those outfits really do look amazing!
Armondikov's avatar
So... much... costume porn...
I want all of these *-*
narutolover26's avatar
Ahhh. I wish I had a mistress like ally. That would be the life ^-^
spudman98's avatar
That's the sexiest outfit changing montage I've ever seen
Inverse-Narnia's avatar
Oh damn I'd pay for these
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