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a night out at the crimson part 1

myeah... i went too far with this one to the point that my laptop told me to go fuck myself XD so early next week you get part 2 of it
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I want to know what just happened onstage in that last panel
DragonmanX-90's avatar
If I wasn't jealous of your artistic skills before, I damn sure am now.  
NoriMori's avatar
I love Sarah's design, she's so delightfully androgynous.
universe1919's avatar
Love the outfit the woman is wearing. And what is Sarah's history with Allan.
DarkVaati13's avatar
She was part of the joch's who stole Alan's sketchbook in college.
universe1919's avatar
Thanks for the help.
Element-Crystal's avatar
I really adore the outfit the woman is wearing in the first panel. It looks amazing! Good job on the design. :) (And can that outfit be real? Ahah)
Awww ... I want those rings! I have one that is similar, but ... well, it's only one.

That mask in the first picture looks very nice too.
FetishRubberFiend's avatar
Love thee stage sub's outfit. you are one talented artiist and writer. keep up the... good work. :)
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Old acquaintance turns out to be a key player in a scene you have to report on and she doesn't jump on the chance for an interview?

1. The first panel is seriously. . . I don't have the adjectives for it.  But it is.  Too bad just looking at it makes my sinuses swell.

2. Laptops have feeling too.
I love your art, but sometimes it feels as if all you ever do are off screen action or after action pics. I can't remember the last time I see someone even kissing
shiniez's avatar
that is because the scenes aren't about that specific action at that specific time :)
You don't want anything gratuitous.  Always be classy.  And just a little-bit. . . ah never mind.
shiniez's avatar
it's not about gratuitous or not. i have no problem with gratuity, it's about telling the story. :)

this is a story about fetishists , if i was to stop and go through every session in detail i would still be at mid chapter 2, and this whole thing wouldn't be any better for it just... prolonged XD
Well, that is kind of what I'd meant.  I'd put it badly.  I was going for a laugh. 
And that's what I'd meant.  You do what you do for the story.

I'd put it wrong, sorry.
Y'know, every time you make out that there was something on stage that caught everyone's attention, I always find myself wanting to know what it was.
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lonelyzentai's avatar
Not showing it lets you fill it with your own imaginations. Good art is as much about what you don't see as it is about what you do see.

Check out "Spielberg Face".
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To be the fly in that spider's web... *swoon*
Darklarik's avatar
Id really like to know what that flawless thing was. 
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