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The Queen And the Woodborn episode 4

previous episodes here…

enjoy :)
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Oh wow! Been following Twitter updates, and this here gave me chills! Amazing!

BornAngelAuthor's avatar

:la::la: damn! I love this too! NEED MORE!

rafidesousa's avatar

Amazing! This is my favorite work from you since Sunstone. I'm loving it so much!

Nicki-chan's avatar

Beautiful work, as always!

Saeter's avatar

Morana's face when she realizes she is tricked is both gorgeous and terrifying. A delicious mix of contempt and intrigue are on display within her eyes and grin.

Aprion's avatar

in a word, glorious

Icewingmoontigress's avatar

Trickery galore haha

Tindome-Art's avatar


This took me on a riiiide! You art is so damn well balanced for the various things you want to convey. Morana's face in the "...friggin' seriously, she just did le what now?!" is PERFECTION. And the final panel... oooh, fantastic.

But so are they all. I could gush, but I'll stop. Smashing good writing and art, as always.

Sombrisio's avatar

Don't let your hands get you again and watch out for your thumbs! That british Jack doesn't need them and we need more of your art and storys.

That last image is what women encounter in the mirror the morning after the hen night..

And then they say:

"What the f**k was I drinking?'

What men see in the mirror after a stag night is too ghastly to contemplate..

But they usually ask:

"Was it the curry or the Snake Bites?'

Wow. One thing jst leaps after another doesn't it?

DarkerEve's avatar

Loving this too damn much.

marsatas's avatar

Fuckin stellar. Loving the mystical wood vibes.

adaniels's avatar

Very cool. When you get a chance, you should fix the misspelling in the third panel: “creak,” not “creek.”

DragonlordRynn's avatar

Heh, everybody is here loving the last panel and here I am, cracking up over Morana's 'Is she serious right now' expression when she get hit over the head with a rock.

Fantastic stuff.

Sanae94's avatar

OMG MORANA I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!! That goddess can step on me and I would thank her. Loving how you manage body language as always, man, even with monsters you nail that shit xDDDDDD

Sulfelerin's avatar

Hooo boi. In that contex I'd be more concerned with the third aspect od Morana, girl. Good luck drowning that one. :P

CatloversPaw's avatar

Its a bad idea to anger old things ^^°

Ryua's avatar

Aaaa, this is so cool! I love a clever oath that gets around things.

And then a stubborn witch who won't let go.

Eonsu's avatar

I love this story.

Piyratheon's avatar

Always happy to see slavic folklore! Looking forward to the next one! :3

Wiccix's avatar

Oh my god I love this so much

All your work is so amazing and inspiring ❤︎

Colorfulmoongato's avatar

I wish you nothing but Wealth and happiness with these Amazing Stories you create!!! Absolutely Wonderful!!!

Vixine's avatar

Oh shit, she made a bargain with and tricked The Morrigan... This is gonna be gooooood! I wish I could pay for the Patreon to see all of this...

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