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The Queen And The Woodborn pdf so far


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just decided to compile the pages so far into a single pdf. might just update this post as the pagecount grows
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It's amazing, in an age where professional comic artists seem to be competing to show who can draw the worst art or tell the stupidest stories, we have this and your other work. Clearly you are not interested in competing in their game. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your talents and vision.

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damn, that's good :)

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Great PDF to show the work so far.

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3rd to last panel. "ding breath"??

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*fan girl squeeling*

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Moranna of Icy Death is channeling some very heavy Galadriel vibes on that last panel. :)

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Well, better Galadriel than Arthas or Elsa i would dare say.

As beautiful and terrible as the dawn, all shall love her and despair.

Excellent Story and Art Work.


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Wow, I love the last aspect of the Goddess, turning into another form, as she shows another facet of her, really great!

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Impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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That's a great idea, once in a while a pdf with a bunch of pages, since the strips sometimes have problems appearing on shitty Eclipse! Thanks! :)

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Great work on the pages, every panel looks gorgeous!

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Is the "hair" strands/slivers of bone too?

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Interesting story so far.

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Great so far! Looking forward to more.

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Stjepan, you always surprise me. I never thought that this head-winged goddess is also a fearsome goddess of death.

I am extremely curious to see what happens next for the queen, if she will really be revived. That will be really exciting!

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More importantly for the story right now she is also a goddess of life returning, so queen... <insert "sounds great, doesn't work" meme>

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There are some misstypings. Shall I name them?

But nevertheless awesome.

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Damn Stjepan, your "annoyed" faces are just SO perfect.

The Woodborn´s look after she got hit with a stone is just phenomenal.

Awesome gift!

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And just when you think you're the one that has an ace up their sleeve - somebody else reminds you there are four aces in the game...

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