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The Queen And The Woodborn Compilation

this is the first look into the queen and the woodborn. a single volume fairy tale/romance inspired by old grimm fairy tales and  slavic mythology. it will be published in a webcomic format first.

once it launches the early looks will  be available via my patreon and later on followed by uploads both here and on webtoons.  this will not be a sunstone  like book as it is  a shorter tale that will be told in under 300 pages. 

once completed i plan on publishing this in 2 versions.
one will be a deluxe version for which i will launch a crowdfunder for anyone who liked the story enough to want a hardcover golfdfoil decorated fancy pants edition. 

the other version will be a regular softcover trade for those just wanting the book and this one will be available through the usual routes. bookstores amazon,10 comic stores that actually bother carrying my creator owned stuff XD

anyways, hope you like it. more on this very soon.
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DemonCountess's avatar

When will the crowdfunder for this going up?

Aw, her smile when she looks down at the stretchmarks her baby boy gave her is so sweet.

zeynel13's avatar

Love the concept ! (the bit about the stretch lines from pregnancy was great, it's not often such a thing appears in comics, most of the time it's like it does not exist.)

Alealeathereader's avatar

it has a bit of Maleficent vibe or is it just me ?

shiniez's avatar

nothing like it. patience, you'll see :)

It looks really beautiful! I've never used Patreon before and now I'm really considering it for this and Sunstone updates!

Polter6eist's avatar

Ooooooh, some Slavic mythos!? I'm intrigued.

Very excited for this. I love your style and portrayal of relationships.

MOMOpJonny's avatar

Are these characters based on Slavic gods?

Minadalrive's avatar

Looking forward to buy a paper copy :)

000RainbowChick000's avatar

Yeeeees! This is looking soooo freaking amazing!!

BornAngelAuthor's avatar

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes!

AlvarV's avatar

Please finish Ravine!!!!! Pleas please please

You can have her firstborn child and any additional child by falling in love with eachother and using the magic that undoubtedly exists in this universe

Zerona000's avatar

When does this drop, cause take my money you evil genius.

loveforgotten's avatar

This is just perfect.

It looks intriguing, I enjoy your "short" projects being a mere 300 pages. :)

The headwings are back! I repeat, THE HEADWINGS ARE BACK! :la: :happybounce:

Fieryermine's avatar

Looks like it'll be a lot of fun!

amlugwen's avatar

yes, we wants! *-* this looks and sounds great, so when is it finished?

it would be wonderful to have it to read it on paper

Taeryne's avatar

OMG shiny version yes please!

seithon's avatar

Well then, I'm already sold :D

Raneva's avatar

Love this concept! Looking forward to the crowdfunding details <3

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