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Sunstone volume 2

chapter 2 of sunstone pdf, hit download on the right side

updated the pdf for a much better quality one
Published:   |  Mature
© 2012 - 2021 shiniez
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I need this in my life!

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I feel like an idiot, but I just found these pdf versions for the Lisa and Ally arc (if I can call it that) of this beautiful comic of yours. I think I'm gonna do a reread right now.

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I totally love this works,funny thing is i newly found this thing even tho. i already follow you for long time, i just swoop Fav button and follow and no further seek goin, but im curious bout one thing in this chapter, What is gonna happend to Marion if her hand got untied that time? it seems dnger but i didnt know how that danger gonna do
Just read the first one and loved it. Looking forward to this one!
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Thank you very much
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What can I say a truly fantastic comic. :)
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and sad.
This is amazing.
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My God...this is not only well paced, well scripted and well drawn but it's friggin hot without any over the top super explicit sex scenes. I've already finished the 2nd chapter can can't wait to read the 3rd.

I especially love how you keep everything in a rough to mid level rendered style for the panels but then make impactful or emotional scenes (like the VIP bathroom) fully rendered.

I hope this series keeps going for a while!!
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This was mindblowing! You have a definitive storytelling talent! Wow, I really didn't expect such a profound and moving story! :heart:
What a beautiful story. The presence of the characters, the color, the imagery. All stunning, I feel like I want to be a part of this. I truly hope you continue this and reveal more.
Followed over from Fet, LOVE your work.

It's.... "inspirational" and I'm looking forward to turning some of the ideas into photos and fond memories.
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First off... wow! Hmm... okay, too many things to start off with something like "first off." Let me try again.
You artwork is gorgeous. Your storytelling is just... profound. Like magic. I mean, yeah, visualizations help to make it more like a movie in your head, but there are movies and then actually experiencing it while you're reading it. Needless to say, I was kind of sobbing there at the end with Ally telling that story. Title of the story is also kind of making me weepy at the moment, too (no need to guess why). Still... yeah... I don't really even know. Profound on so many levels. I did especially love the very, very ending. Like a breath of fresh air. >.< (Corny much? Gah!) Haha. Anyway... awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. So much awesomeness. Yet another chapter I'm utterly in love with.
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wow poor ally i can see why she that's a lot for one person to go through and to say she was so scared of messing this up she did an awesome job of hiding it and coming dommie ally.

keep up the amazing work
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This is just ridiculously good! I never read a comic book seriously before, but this is just brilliant. I need to go and read some more.
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This is really good stuff. Told in a human way.
@charles: even if we talk about something really "out there"- it doesn't has to be your cup of tea, that's okay but judging others never helps. i cant get it why people which experienced problems, violence or bullying or-even shit rumours-words hurt too [because of whatever] often need to have someone "under" them on which they can act out their anger...
so if someone likes ponyplay or golden showers or whatever-if its ssc or rack and if all partners want this and aren't pressing you in liking this or watching them you shouldn't judge, because: your taste is your taste and you have the right not being negatively judged just because of your kinks or attributes/traits (and most the time are these things you not actively choose to like.. most people don't start the day thinking "oh today i start liking ponyplay"-often they have a long story of fear and hiding and all this destructive stuff.(and the ones i knew were decent wonderful people. its not my cup of tea too but if they are happy with that-wonderful, who am i to judge? its theirs and they are okay and that is more than okay.)
so please dont judge. ( if the practice was played without approval of one partner-then you can judge. sadly abuse exists everywhere. so judge that. not some people which like to play animals in latex-stuff or like to pee.)

duh, this topic gets me really but i hope i could make a point.. my english isnt that good and i have problem with tempus/tense and this gets worse if i write about something which is important to me.^^
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Dude, it's no wonder so many readers love you...I just finished the second chapter, and you ROCK! :D

Your continuing adventures of Ally and Lisa are wonderful, and you're showing there are a lot of deep, deep layers to this delicious cake of a story. :) I was stunned by Ally and Alan's nearly falling to their addiction to BDSM, but thankfully Ally realized that if she didn't go cold turkey and turn things around for the better, the rest of her life would have shattered...and tragically, there are too many who become addicted to [fill in the blank!] who would rather stay on the tracks and ignore the freight train of consequences as it rushes toward them. But it says a lot about Ally how she found the strength to get better, even if it meant losing Alan as more than a dear friend. My heart went out to her when she recalled Marion, and how much it still haunted her because she felt so responsible. (Even though Ally wasn't, and anyone would agree with Lisa trying to talk sense into her!) Ally is definitely my favorite character of your story so far, but I'd like to know more about Lisa, too! Poor Lisa, it was bad enough when her bladder turned traitor! :/ AND WHEN THE HECK ARE THOSE TWO GONNA STOP CALLING EACH OTHER 'FRIENDS'?!? The only ones who can't see they're completely into each other is them! We are a strange, crazy species...

Your cast is getting bigger, of course. :) Alan's a smart-ass hoot, and the others should know that he wouldn't shoot his mouth off if they didn't give him ammunition! xD I like the rest of the cast too, except for Chris...he's a bit of a douche, but every story needs one. I said before in my comments about Chapter One that I'm not into BDSM, either; like Austin Powers would say, it ain't my bag, baby! But I'd never be as judgmental as Chris is...different strokes for different folks, man! Unless we're talking something REALLY out there ('golden this' or 'farm animal that', like I said before, too!), Chris should just shut up and let folks have their fun! Or maybe he's jealous of his sister and her husband? ^_^ I hope he won't be too much trouble down the road.

And bondage or not, I can't say enough in words how amazingly SEXY your story is! :love:

The last panels surprised me; it almost felt like a spoiler, you know? But I'm with you for the duration, my friend. I want to see how Ally and Lisa (hopefully sometime soon) finally realize they're made for each other! :love: Keep up the smart, sexy and thoroughly awesome work!
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Thanks, really classy, smart and very very nice drawings! I've read both chapters in one go, consider me a Fan ;-)
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Thank you for providing us with pdf versions of your amazing comic, I look forward to the next instalment :)
I luv a good love story, and this is a great one...thank you
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Can't wait for the print
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