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Sunstone Volume 6 pdf

compiled pdf of volume 6. also updated the previous pdfs

printed versions are available in comic stores that might order them, barnes and noble, amazon, book depository, books a million and so on.
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I like it. It's very evocative of their relationship. Nicely designed and done.

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Thank you! Is Awesome!

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Thank you very much for sharing this! I cannot express how much seeing this made my day. Thank you a dozen times over! :blackrose::heart:

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When life gives you lemons, make lemon juice. Alan should've put time in the gym if only to help him burn through his frustration with his situation. Use the "Cheerleaders" as opportunities to talk to good looking gals. Show them his sketchbook let them judge how freaky his work is for themselves, flatter them, ask them to model for him.

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On Page 35 is a typo. By "Cassie didn't mind.. well..I mean, even FI". Dont wanna smartass here, just wanna help :)

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I concur, this mistake really surprised me, and I'm not a native English speaker.

Anyway, the rest is excellent, so when you're used to excellency, you thrive for perfection :D

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I am no nativ speaker ether. And in generel have my own problems with spelling mistakes. ^^;Typing "fi" instead of "if" it just stuff that happens.

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Writing a bit myself (and mostly sharing to a restrictive group of people), even in my mothertongue, I'm writing mistakes.

Thing is, here is a very classy professional work, and this mistake is quite "big", which is just surprising, in comparison with the rest of the creation =P

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Is there going to be an hardcover issue 3? I would really love to see this, because I love the first two hardcover volumes.

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Happy to own this one in physical, can't wait to have vol 7.

Brilliant work!

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I download them to read AND buy them to possess.

Oh, and I love Cassie Connelly. She reminds me of a favorite model from my Art Major days. A cash-strapped coed, Ginnie was adored by students and faculty alike. She inspired some of my best pastel drawings.

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I love that you let us just download entire volumes of your comic. Thanks for your generosity.

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Thanks for the download; most kind of you.

Are there any web distributors you really like? Amazon occasionally will throw up some minor cosmetic blemishes on the cover from how it's packaged.

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I don't know if you noticed; there is a spelling mistake on page 35, third block from the bottom.

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Um, I don't know if this has been asked, if it has I apologize. Will Mercy be getting a book style print like the Sunstone Books 1 and 2?

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i'm guessing you mean hardcovers? that depends on softcover sales. if those are strong enough to justify it, yes, if not, no. so basically, fingers crossed

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Yes, the hard covers are what I meant. I love the series and suggested it to others who fell in love with the series as well.

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Ohhh?! It's finally out :D Still waiting on B&N to start shipping worldwide again.

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6 has been out over a year ago. 7 came out a few months ago

xangreigor's avatar

I know :)That's how I found out B&N does not currently ship to our dear lovely Croatia 😥 The PDF though...

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Uncensored? ♥️ Does DA only care when it's images?

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