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Sunstone-8-cover work in progress

By shiniez
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a wip of the cover for volume 8, plenty more work to do, but the cover features anne removing the dye from her hair 

also getting laura out of her hair...

what?  i thought it was like... kinda clever... ish XD

anyhow, plenty more work to do :)
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Honestly this is a powerful image and I love what it represents. I love your whole series, and I'm loving Mercy just as much as I loved Sunstone.

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Got a few friends hooked on the story, but they jumped on during Mercy, so they're still not fully caught up on Sunstone. Every update they keep looking at me and asking "Why are you so nervous about reading those two bonding together, having fun and active sexual dynamic" And then I see this and....WHY INDEED?!?!?!?! >_< *stress*

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Joking aside, love ya, Stjepan, and I'm always excited to see where things go. I can't wait to see how Anne's story develops from here!!!!!

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Boy; that brought back an oldie reference...

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It's the train wreck we all knew was coming. I've a bad feeling about that motorcycle...

Just finished rereading my copies of volumes 4 & 5. (I read 1-3 again a few months ago.) Reading just those last two books together, it was like a complete story on it's own, and more effective/emotional/dramatic (IMHO) than reading them again as part of the whole series.

I've read them maybe 10 times, and it's still one of my all-time favorite comics. (I'm going to have to buy the HC editions, since I'm wearing these out.)

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I think Laura might have broken her heart. At least I hope nothing bad happened to Laura. I don't think Laura deserves anything bad happen to her. She seems to had a rough love life.

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Oh I thought that was backstory/futurestory Cruella for a second and I thought we'd get a chapter from the next story arc (I know we're not done with this one but you know time machine abuse is fun).

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I'm sad that the relationship will end, but I know that it's a vital part of the story.

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Ohhh, what a cool concept! I really like this.

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Awesome concept idea, cant wait the final version

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Oh wow great concept!

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looking forward to the next sunstone comic release. Even when the characters are down, they provide a much Needed uplift.

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looking forward to the purchase! :D wondering if the next volume is up for Pre-order? i don't think i've seen any announcements.

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I'm know you've got a lot of projects going, but is there any chance of a calendar this year? The upcoming bare spot on my wall really wants one.

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>! Great artwork !<

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I want it... can we already buy it or preorder it? I want to read it over and over and over again

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I actually thought this was Marion for a second with the two tone hair.

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Knowing how deviously clever Stjepan can be with his subtle clues, it may still be a hint at what's to come.

Obviously, Anne will eventually change her hair from black to blonde, but knowing that Alan will meet Marion at one point (+ the fact that she has 2-tone hair), could also be hinted at with this cover at the same time.

That, or I'm just coocoo bananabonkers in my conspiracy nugget! 🤪

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ooooh, that ink outline reminds me a lot of Metal Gear Solid's character design artist Yoji Shinkawa

I love it

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"I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair"

Sung by the character Nellie Forbush in the musical South Pacific.

In this case it would be 'that gal' who is being washed out.

It did not work in South Pacific, of course. Does it work in your story?

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