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Morana versus the nightmare wip

just a bit of a preview of this month's update to the queen and the woodborn. in july, i'm kicking off sunstone volume 8 :)
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Strong bloodborne vibes from this monster. Love It!

ARe you SURE you're not related to Sleipnope? I could sware I see a family resemblance.

That is one horrific looking creature! And now I know the head wings in Ravine were from Slavic myths!

shiniez's avatar

nah those are from ravine XD i just took some design freedoms to create a cool looking character

amlugwen's avatar

:dance: many good news, and an ass-kicking wood godess, what more could we want *happy dance* :D


Take THAT you F@kinuckelavee!


shiniez's avatar

it's a mora or translated, a nightmare

Mindslave24-7's avatar

Dang things!

You spray and spray with Raid, and the still come back!

...And bigger too!

IllyDragonfly's avatar

Me: Oh, Damsel in Distress alert, time for the knight in shiny armor...

Sees a pretty badass goddess

Me: even better! 0.o

This is going to be one 'HELL' of a fight!

paul-rosenkavalier's avatar

That's a gloriously unpleasant creature - great work!

This is what would have graced the album cover of 'Bat Out Of Hell' if motorcycles hadn't been invented...

Grendelkin's avatar

"BAD dog! Don't make me get the rolled-up newspaper!"

But seriously: well-crafted.

LovgrenO's avatar
Great monster!
SquishTheMovie's avatar

Miss this comic. Can't wait to see more!

BartGT5's avatar
Looking amazingly awesome!
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar


"Got... your... NOSE!"

Razmere's avatar

Well this is an album cover to a metal band.

0m3g45n1p3r4lph4's avatar

This looks incredible

DeviantArtest99's avatar

Horse with hands: scary

Horse on fire: scary

Horse with hands on fire: SCARIEST

vvvan's avatar

Don't you just hate it when that happens? :shrug: rvmp

ElladanKenet's avatar

That's a wee bit terrifying

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