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Lisa-and-ally bust idea

By shiniez
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might make these in 3d at some point. lord knows i've been looking for an excuse to get back into doing some 3d modelling for a while now :)
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I would love to paint them, if you could share/ sell the stl files ☺️

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Great Bust idea for the ladies.

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Please do, please do, please do!

I wanna print them both :D

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I would surely buy these... I read again the whole saga during confinement : great work !

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I've picked up minipainting and I would totally buy an Ally and Lisa bust

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I need these as super sexy bookends
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Wasn't there a small statue of Alison and Lisa? Like sitting on a couch or something? I would love to see various designs following something similar to this.

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looking forward to seeing the 3d versions!

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almost look like they could be amazing book ends

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makes me wish I had a resin printer to help with 3d model print test. While I do have a filament additive printer, it wouldn't do the detail well.

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Wheeew! That is so HOTTT!

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These would make cool book ends, especially if they were tall enough to peek over say a pulp novel sized book.

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Looking at that, especially the collars on the bottom I had an idea - maybe you could do playing cards deck with your characters?

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Now I need me some Sunstone playing cards, with the Red and Black jokers up there topping (heh) it off.

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Haha, I try to motivate myself in modeling too right now and nothing is better than to have the purpose of our own characters in 3D :D

They are great, both !

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If you started selling these I'd definitely get me a set.

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y B mlm MN ml nnm is op
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i love the two.

nice work

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Love it, can't go wrong with best Sub and Dom couple.

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I miss them aaaa

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If you're going to sell these I'm going to buy me a set!

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The biting of her lip makes the picture for me.

3D version sounds intriguing.

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